really old bag

  1. i've got a station bag from eons ago (and aunt gave it to me)...but - I'm not sure if it is in fact a real coach (has a hang tag) there is NO creed inside. The inside is suede, and the bag is still in really good shape after after at least 20 that leads me to think it is authentic (great craftsmanship)...anyone know if the early bags are 'creedless' and how else can I find out if it is real and what year it was made? Thanks!
  2. Waterlily, Coach started stamping the creed inside their bags some time in the early 1970's. The quality of the stitching and the finishing will usually show if it's a genuine Coach.

    Is there ANY kind of Coach logo anyplace inside the bag? Even the pre-creed ones would usually have "Coach" stamped into the leather or a small metal tag that was sewn into the bag. If it only has a hangtag I would question whether it was genuine.

    Is there any way you can post pictures of the bag, the inside, the ends of the straps and the turnlock? I'm not an expert on the really old bags but may I know where to find one. The Authenticate This thread would probably be the best place to post photos.
  3. Also to add to the above, the Station Bag is one of the most often faked of the vintage line.