really oily t-zone. help needed(:

Oct 24, 2006
hey guys(:

okay. so i have a really oily t-zone.
and normal cheeks

when i wash my face, the oil just comes back, and sometimes even more oiler. and ive used SO many different products.

they are just not working.

can yu guys give me any recommendations please?



Jan 12, 2006
what exactly are you doing everyday so far?
LIke, in the a.m. and then at night?


Feb 6, 2007
I would love to know too! My t-zone tends to get oily every few hours. I always use blot sheets. My routine consist of washing my face every morning with Queen Helene's mint wash. And at night I use the cream followed with a scrub again.


Jan 25, 2008
SF Bay Area
I'd suggest use a normal/balanced face wash in the morning. Follow with a light lotion if needed. Then in mid day use oil blotting paper/film and face powder to refresh your face. Use a good mask once or twice a week. The climate and your stress level may affect how oily you get. Just need to figure out a good routine that works for you.


Jun 4, 2006
I too have tried lots of products and in the end, they just don't work lol. I've given up. I just use Clean and Clears' blotting papers.


Mar 25, 2007
I have that problem too. I got it from my mother (whose pores are now really huge). Washing your skin too often stimulates it to produce more oil. So I now use a cleanser in the evening to clean, remove makeup and I exfoliate. Then I put moisturiser on my cheeks and eyes only, because oily skin doesn't need more oil. In the morning I only splash my face with water and pat dry with a towel (your face doesn't get dirty while you sleep, this gets rid of any oil build up overnight). I've been doing this for a month and I'd say my skin is significantly less oily, but it still produces oil and I use blotting sheets on my t-zone once during the day to get rid of the shine. I feel that changing my skincare routine like this has allowed my skin's oil production to "balance" like my skin is moisturising itself. Also I have stopped getting flakey bits on my nose and forehead.

Oh, and sometimes I use a facemask with AHA's in it which helps my blackheads a bit.


Elegance Is Refusal
Nov 24, 2007
Step 1: Facial Soap - Mild

I'd go with "Mild", not "Oily" as your skin is combination.
This will clear oily pores without making you dry.

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion 2

Exfoliate gently, after you wash, with a cotton wool pad.
Scrubs will become a thing of the past! (I never need to!)

Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I recommend the gel formula and not the lotion. Gel is not heavy,
whereas lotions are. Stick to something light!

Once / Twice A Week or Whenever Needed:
Pore Minimizer Refining Mask...

I swear by this mask & make sure I have it always! Yes, it's really that good. Spread all over the face, or just where needed. Gentle, but effective.
Not only will this suck out all the oil clogged up in your pores, it will also help to minimize them, aaaand makes your skin super smooth for makeup application! Great stuff!


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
There is a reason why when you wash your face, your skin gets oily again. Your skin has receptors that know when the skin is dry so it produces oil to lubricate the skin. (thats why we oily skin folk can't wash our face like 3 times a day). Production of oil keeps the skin from cracking which is also why we oily skinned folks look younger then our dryer skin folks.

I recommend the three step system from Clinique, but mostly in the summertime. In the winter some cleaners are so harsh on your skin and the face lotion doesn't do it for you and thats why we might have more oil production.

Believe it or not I use Pond's dry skin cream (not suppose to but it works). When your face is moisterized your skin doesn't make as much oil.

But always follow a toner and face lotion after you wash.