Really not seeing Damier Speedy around

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  1. Although knowing almost everyone here got a Damier Speedy 30/25, I still have not see anyone carrying one since sept I joined TPF. I saw monogram, MC, EPI, but just not Damier Speedy. Is it weird? I live and work in downtown toronto.:confused1: :confused1:

    Next month I will get one, hopefully can spread Damier speedy.
  2. I seldom saw people carrying it in Chicago too, and I didn't see anyone carrying Azur on the street so far.
  3. yeah me too i am thinking about getting one (either mono or damier) and i dont see any around .. and i didnt see any celebs with it the celebrities and their lvs thread ...weird !
  4. I've only seen one person in North Carolina with one, and one in South Carolina. I wish I loved mine a little more. It's great in the rain though.
  5. I finally noticed my first Damier, it was a papillon at the mall. No Azur yet.
  6. That's so true! I've seen one person so far.
  7. yeah me too ive only seen it once but on tpf i hear about 2 out of 3 people talking about how they have one lol :smile:
  8. Ive seen probably 15 damier speedys already. My neighbor up the block owns one!.
  9. I have seen very littel damier bags here.
  10. I've seen a handful of them but mostly it's always the Mono Speedy
  11. yeah definitely i always see the mono, and i love it but i have a particular sort of ­love for the damier haha probably because its alot less common and there are alot less fakes ... so im not sure which speedy to get yet !
  12. me either!! I havent seen any damier speedys.. not one!! I would love to see them on people though.. hmmm I always see the mono speedy, seems to be MUCH more common, but has also been out for a MUCH longer time!
  13. yeah its true but what i find weird is that many people here on tpf seem to own one haha and they also own the mono speedy but i never see the damiers !
  14. I see the Damier Speedy 25 every so often in the Los Angeles area, but I haven't seen anyone with the 30 version yet. I actually own the Damier Speedy 25 which I had special ordered a few years ago.... and then I recently bought the Damier Speedy 30 and I already own a Speedy 30 in Mono. Love the Damier print!!! Not too sure yet about the Azur Damier print.
  15. This is true, till know i saw two persons with the damier speedy. But to be honest, i like it that i don't see the damier speedy so often. I have the Damier and not the Mono Speedy, so... :smile: