Really not good... (need your good vibes! kinda long, sorry)

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  1. Alright so my dad has like just worked his butt off all his life. Worked himself to death basically. He's in the oilfield and he worked his way up from a rig hand out on oil rigs to a sales manager in a big corner office and all that stuff in Tulsa before Halliburton went bad and the accountants took over in the early 1990's (he left after 20 years, in 1992. It was really tough).

    He tried to retire for a while then I guess he got bored and went back to work in the oilfield or whatever consulting for big jobs. He is 55 years old now and works so hard. Drives for four or five hours a day out on locations, always stays late to make sure locations are cleaned up and trees are planted and stuff, buys the guys who work so hard on the rigs lunch and cokes and doughnuts and beer and stuff. He takes care of the environment and his workers and everyone loves him and he's just... I think my dad is so amazing for all he does :love: (and please guys no flames about hating the oilfield or the environment or whatever please?)

    I just found out yesterday that while he was mowing our yard (we live on 60 acres out in the boonies in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and he mows 2 acres by himself) he got bitten by a tick that was carrying rocky mountain tick fever and he got it and they also believe he contracted lyme disease from the same tick. :cry: I just found this out and I'm so sad and worried and scared for him. :crybaby: Lyme disease is really bad, it's like mono, it makes you really weak and tired and sick and it never goes away, it will keep coming back and giving you relapses, it's TERRIBLE.

    He had a heart attack about six months ago and he was really anemic and he was just now getting over that and getting better and not tired and sick all the time, and now this? My mom says he's so weak and tired and he's on medication but he keeps pushing himself to work and he's so unhappy and embarassed and refuses to talk about it and I hate seeing him like this!!!!

    A tick bite killed my 10 year old golden retriever last year too :crybaby: he was my pride and joy. I hate ticks. I know it's so gross to even talk about someone getting something from a tick bite but I had to share because I'm so worried about him because he works so hard even when he's sick and gets himself down and gets to the point where he has to go to the doctor or the hospital, that's what happened with the heart attack, he was working too much and overstressing himself and gave himself a heart attack and he almost died, and now this.... :cry:

    I'm just a sad chick and you guys always seem to make me feel better when I'm down and I wanted to share... Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you ladies.
  2. Oh sweetie your dad sounds like a wonderful person:smile:

    I am sorry about your dog:sad: That must have been so hard.

    My prayers are with you and your daddy:smile:
  3. Sarah my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad.

  4. awww my lovey!!! :sad: I am osososososo sorry STUPID @#)@)#($$ ticks!!! how awful! :sad:

    I know sometimes dads especially the ones full of pride and heart tend to overwork themselves like crazy and never take a rest till its knocked them to the ground

    I know he will feel better and they will treat him properly but i know its scary!!!!!!! :sad:

    Tell daddy to slow down :sad: Dont let him work himself to the floor!

    You are a wonderful daughter to worry and care so much and help him all you can around the house so that when he comes home from his long long days he doesnt have as much to do

    maybe make him dinner , pamper him a little hehe :smile:
    luv u!!!!
  5. I'm sorry. Prayers for your dear daddy and big hugs for you.:heart:

  6. I've been going home every weekend with my fiancee, since my dad had the heart attack. We always take fun stuff for him to do-- the playstation with poker games or my fiancee's incredibly ridiculously expensive big RC cars, or rifles to target practice with or something, so he can try to relax and enjoy his weekends... I'm going to keep doing it, and cook dinner for him and my mom this weekend, she is trying so hard to take care of him. he can be so stubborn though he won't rest... AUGH you know all about sick dads, Bey. :heart: you.

    And thanks to everybody for your kind words, you make me feel better. :heart: :tender:
  7. I'm so sorry! Here's hoping your Dad has a quick recovery and maybe takes all this as a sign to slow it down a little! Prayers for you and your family!
  8. You Dad has you the best medicine in the world. He is probably not used to slowing down so this is hard for him, keep doing it and. I am sure he loves your visits and you seem to keep him occupied with fun stuff. He will be OK from the tick. Two of my friends have Lyme disease, one got it about 18 years ago. They both are doing great and have not lasting problems. So try to stay positive and know with medicine today he will regain his energy soon.
    You are a wonderful daughter and it is very difficult to see your Dad not feeling well but having you there will help both of you. You get to spend time with your Dad and make new memories which is really cool.
  9. So sorry to hear about your Dad. It's always so awful when someone you love is sick. Try to keep positive. And try to keep your Dad positive. I know people with Lymes disease that are perfectly healthy now and live their lives normally. I do hope this is how it will be for your father as well.
  10. So sorry about your dad!! Sending good vibes your way, your family is definitely in my thoughts. *HUGS*
  11. I'm sorry to hear about this!! *big hugs to you*
  12. We'll say a prayer for him!
  13. You know, Lyme disease isn't what it used to be. It's rather manageable now and doesn't show too many effects, if any, if caught early. So, it sounds like he'll be out of it for a week or so, then right back to work....which is good.

    As far as him working so's what he loves to do. When he's ready to slow down, he will. In the mean time, let him do what he loves and support him with your love.

  14. I was just going to say what Charles said about it being managable when caught early. About 9 years ago, I noticed a tick bite and had checked out positive for lyme's. I immediately got the course of medicine and after I was done, I felt fine. I'd say, all in all, I felt lousy for about 3-4 weeks. Hopefully, that will be the case for your dad.
  15. Thanks so much, all. You're making me feel so much better! :heart: