Really nice video interview...

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  1. Oooh I remember this. That was from quite a few months ago. He's so funny. So naughty!
  2. I had no idea. It looked brand new...must have been when he was in NYC. I should have known.
  3. I love him
  4. It's okay! I completely forgot about it. It definitely wasn't this summer though, I think it was last. LOL it's been a while. I wish the video said what day it actually was, because I have no idea about that, but I remember when I got an email about it.
  5. He is so cute!!!
  6. Seriously I just wanna hang out with him for a day...he's so fun....and can we please talk about the STACKS of fabulous brown boxes behind him?!?!?!?! WOW~
  7. thanks for the video, i hadn't seen it before! i really believe that he's one of the most sympathetic designers. he seems to really love what he does and totally immerses himself in it. and i TOTALLY want to hang out with him as well!
    if had had 5 min. in that, i would snatch everything in sight! those ariella clou boots were KILLING me!! i have been searching high and lo for them and just seeing them in front of me...arg!