Really nice Men's min lin LE bag on ebay

  1. Auction # 120179331518[​IMG][​IMG]

    What a cool bag! It's called the LOUIS VUITTON TANGER MINI LIN TOTE CABAS BAG. And the auction says it's a men's bag. It's really unique and I love the leather trim.
    A limited edition from 2005. I've never seen it before. Has anyone else?

    I think it would be ok for a women, too? Opinions?
  2. Yup, it's a cute and multifunctional bag. I want one in the dark brown color. :tup:
  3. i've got one. it was a long hunt. very sleek bag. you can see part of it in my sig pic.

  4. yup, they're from the Men's S/S 2005 runway collection. i've got all three versions of the Tanger:


    its a great bag, the flatness can be quite deceiving. i think its very versatile and unisex. if you love it, go for it :tup:
  5. It looks like a great bag!