Really "needing" a new Damier me decide!

  1. Ok, so I don't really "need" a new bag, but I just really am ITCHING to get something. I'm already getting the new Pomme heart, Dentelle speedy, sporty and the other new Damier one (can't remember the name right now)! ;)

    Soooo, what should I get? I have the Damier speedy 30, and Saleya PM (thinking of getting the that bag doesn't count....kind of like an upgrade thing--LOL). I do like bigger bags.....The Knightsbridge, Nolita (not sure if I'm crazy about the rectangle thingy on the front), Uzes, and the Duomo are all possibilities! :graucho: Anybody have these bags, what are your thoughts on them?

  2. get the duomo...or the knightsbridge

    but u seem to be getting a lot of damier bags!!!! i can smell another damier princess here... :p
  3. ^^^^ i vote for duomo!
  4. Yes, I guess I am getting quite a few Damier bags, but I'm trying to catch up to my Damier collection PALES in comparison! :graucho:
  5. Duomo!! So nice in Damier!
  6. Duomo! Or ribera MM! :wlae:
  7. Maybe you should wait for the Hampstead?
  8. Duomo!
  9. michelle (mickloisme) has the uzes and it looks great. I have the manosaque GM and I love that!
  10. I LOVE the way the Knightsbridge looks!!!
  11. I love my Duomo bag. If you like big bags, Chelsea could also be a possibility.
  12. Damier Duomo is gorgeous
  13. I have the duomo. It's a gorgeous bag, but I wouldn't call it a "big" bag. Also, the opening can be a little tight. But I still love it. If you wanna go big, I would go chelsea or uzes.
  14. Both the Duomo and Knightsbridge sound like good ideas to me :yes:
  15. I vote Duomo! Love the shape of that bag...