Really need your help...can't decide!!!

  1. I took a poll last week, but it didn't help me decide. So one last time, here it is:

    I have the black caviar jumbo flap w/sh, light silver reissue, black/black large cambon tote, and black caviar timeless clutch.

    Considering my current collection, I have narrowed it down to:

    1) Brown Medallion Tote (sh)
    2) Black Baby Cabas
    3) Black Caviar GST (gold hardware!)


    Also, DH may let me get TWO for my upcoming b-day. And then my crazy mind thinks, "Two of these bags will closely equate to the Chanel 38mm J12 I've been wanting...hmmm." I'm so confused.
  2. I fully recommend the black baby cabas. It is the best daily use bag n casual. I notice the bags you have is more classic n not really casual. So I recommend Baby Cabas..
  3. i also recommend baby cabas, i have it and its so practical and casual for everyday use. i loooooove mine!:tup:
  4. Notice that your the bags you have are all structured. So for variety:-

    I'd get the baby Cabas (unstructured). It's so functional and light and you can toss it around without worrying whether it will hold up, kwim? :smile: Fuss-free!

    And as you mentioned that DH may just agree to 2 bags, my 2nd vote goes to the brown medallion tote (a variation from the black). Just get it before the dreaded price hike! Enjoy your shopping and purchas(es)! :smile:
  5. I think it sounds like you need a cabas!!
  6. 1 and 2 are great choices!, good luck:smile:
  7. I think you should either get a black baby cabas or the GST w/ g/h. Personally, I like the baby cabas better; however, seeing that you're collection is consisted with all s/h, having one with g/h will mix it up a bit and give you more variety for your wardrobe.
  8. I think you need a Cabas, but if you don't think you need an unstructured bag, or another two bags, get the Chanel 38mm J12.
  9. I think the black baby cabas would be a great addition to your collection.
  10. I vote for the Brown need a brown bag!
  11. I think you should get the J12 instead!both black caviar jumbo and black large cambon you've already got serve IMO the same purpose as all 3 bags you're willing to choose that the two of them are black too!;)
  12. black baby and brown medallion :yes:
  13. ITA. Great advice!
  14. You need brown, what about a brown GST? I like the brown medallion tote but not crazy about the handles, super huge CC's and I think they are hard to get in and out of due to the tapered zip top, otherwise I'd say do the medallion tote, You NEED brown.
  15. A vote for Baby Cabas from me too! Most of your bags are a bit on the formal looking side, that's why I think u need a fun bag this time! And if your DH really let u buy 2 bags...then u should go with the j12 . Good Luck....tick...tick....:p