REALLY need your advice


Rockin Chic
Oct 28, 2007
Hi everyone, it seems i had a huge wishlist of all the purses i wanted. But lately its hit me that id probably be okay with 2 Chanels for a long time. Im 20 years old i have bills to pay, college student etc. I had found the patent bowler i was looking for but im starting to question if it goes with my wardrobe? I LOVE the look of it, very chic and totally me. BUT im a verrry casual lady who gears gym shoes, flats,flip flops and uggs. I dont know if the patent goes with that sort of style? if it can be pulled off?

Anyway, the idea was to buy the bowler NOW and save for a medium caviar flap for later around winter and have my lovely 3 Chanels. Now im questioning if to just buy the medium flap already and put it along side my beloved Medallion, and take a good break while i get rich or something lol. Any opinions from the Chanel experts, as to what im better off doing? TIA ;)
i aint no chanel expert lol in buyin for lots of bags! but you know what I think get your 3 beloved chanels for your collection and stop there and do all the other xpenses and later onnnn get back in business! so maybe some1 else has other opinions
Get the Medium Flap because along with the Medallion those are timeless classics, get the Bowler later on or if you can get it as well and pay off everything else before you buy again.
While I think it's best to buy classics in terms of how long you'll wear the bag, what it will go with, eventual resale value, I think there's alot to be said for buying a bag that's really "you". Bags that express your sense of style will probably get more wear and compliments than the "safe choice". That's just my two cents.
The hard part is i love them both equally. The bowler is something i see and think is me, but idk if patent goes with what i mentioned above? and i love the look of medium flap as well. I just want to pick something that will be worth it in the future as well. I dont know if that means having both, or if one choice is really better than the other. Any more opinions would be appreciated ladies.:smile:
If you think you would really wear the medium then I would get that first b/c its timeless and, to me, "more important" than the bowler. But only if you really love it also.