really need your advice - a tale of 2 clutches

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  1. OK, the quest for a black clutch goes on :sad:

    Daria was returned (couldn't adjust to lack of closure)

    Have now sold crackled black ava as was too scared to use it!

    So now I have:

    1: Black oversize Maggie clutch; great day to night options, I don't feel precious abut it, I love its soft squishy feel, but wonder if it is a little TOO big. Also will oversize clutches be really out of fashion in a years time?

    2: Black grosgrain satin Ava with chain: love the style and versatility, but following on from earlier thread there's something in the back of my mind telling me "it's not leather". Was half price at 135 but still IMO expensive for non leather bag.

    I defer to you ladies (amd gentlemen if you are out there) to tell me which looks best. (Please say if neither suit me also- I value your honesty!)

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  2. the smaller suits yu i think and the non leather is different, wont date like large one will xxx
  3. I love them both. Sorry to have been of no use whatsoever! :biggrin:
  4. I like them both very much but for me the Maggie takes the lead. I don't see why it would date and besides why does it have to be the latest fashion anyway?
  5. I think they both look great on you, KO, but I prefer the size and style of the Ava. However, if the fact that it's not leather is going to bother you then I think you have your answer. FWIW, I quite like the fact that it's satin.
  6. Whilst they are both lovely, I prefer the Ava on you, looks really simple and chic. Are you looking to keep a clutch as an evening or evening and day bag?

    Ava strikes me as an evening bag, whereas Maggie seems more for daytime.
  7. Ava looks better imho, but that's probably because I'm not used to larger clutch bags.
    Did they do these in leather? If so, perhaps you could look for one of those, if the non-leather worries you?
  8. I love them both on you but I'm edging toward the Ava. She's more 'old school' glamour and just wonderful as an evening clutch.
  9. They both look great, the first one looks a bit big for an evening out clutch bag though, but depends when you'll get most use out of either - mostly daytime or evenings out? If it's an evening out only bag you want, then the second is a nicer size and looks classy :smile:
  10. Maggie looks little to big for evening but too small for daytime use - I prefer Ava If I have to choose one...
  11. I like both on you KO, but the Maggie doesn't look like an evening clutch - looks like a big working clutch if this makes sense, more like a document holder bag, Ava does look like an evening clutch however.

    Ava has the glam that Maggie is lacking.

  12. Gosh it's so hard! Thank you for all your comments so far, seems Ava has the edge...

    I wish Mulberry had done the AVA in a plain goatskin leather or something like that. The only leather ones are either coloured snakeskin or crackled.

    I feel more drawn to ava, but there are instances where Maggie would be the ideal companion. I've just returned from Lausanne from a conference where we had dinner every evening and I often went straight out after the talks had finished. Lausanne has many steep hills (!) which made walking in heels IMPOSSIBLE, so I managed to cram a pair of flatties into green karung Milton (but there was little room for everything else) - Maggie would have been perfect for that purpose, you could fit the kitchen sink in there!
  13. KO, both really suit you - do you need to get rid of one of them?

    I understand what you mean when it comes to size, there's some functions that require a little bit more than lippy, keys, cards and phone to accompany you.
  14. Ava is the most glamourous and chic in my opinion . Maggie looks quite clumsy as an evening bag .
  15. Ava looks better on you, it's simple and classic. love it!