really need helps!! Damier speedy30/25 or Popincourt! Which one is better n worthy?

  1. i just returned the damier speedy 30....:cry:
    i was so excited to purchase this new released bag. After i brought it home tried to put my stuff in, the bag sagged terribliy. i kno i could just put a cardbroad inside, however, LV just increased price why they dun make it harder...:Push: ( is it worthy to pay for da price?) i have been dreaming abt damier speedy 30 for a long time, but the canvas is softer than wut i expected and my mono speedy 25...:sad:
    Second, my bf said that i looked like carrying a "pet carrier" and it is too big for me. :yucky: (i'm 5"4, size2...)
    So, i exchanged to mono popincourt (not hunt), which is cute and stylish and has better construction. however, i'm still thinking abt damier speedys..:cry: and wanna return the mono pop...i'm sooo picky!!:sick:
    Does any one have them? wut do u think abt these 2 bags? or have any suggestion for other "damier" :love: (not too small size)?
  2. Why not exchange it for a 25? I have the 30 and I'm 5"4. I love how it looks on me. I've had it for 2 weeks and I've been using it everyday since.

    If you want another Damier piece, I suggest getting a Saleya MM. I absolutely love that bag!
  3. i love speedy, but i must say i'm really falling in love with popincourt.

    if you're deciding on a damier i would say ribera. i absloutely LOVE it!
  4. bf told me to get a 25, but i'm just kinda stubborn to have the 30 c/z i have mono speedy 25 already.

    saleya is chic n elegant, i like the pm
  5. Welcome to the forumv :biggrin:
  6. :yes: "pop" is not common to see on the street.
    many ppl have mono speedy but damier... i'm wondering damier speedy will be like mono soon...:Push: see dat everywhere...ummm

    I fell in luv with ribera at first when i sew it. after i looked at store, it was hard to get into c/z of the shape, it was kinda hard to really open the opening wide.

    by da way, how long have u been using ur pop, does it still keep in da original shape?

  7. I have both the mono (coming in the mail soon) and damier speedy 25 and I don't think it'll be too repetitve since they are both different patterns but just the same style. Mono is more casual while the damier is more dressy. I think you should have both 25s. :angel:
  8. Speedy!
  9. I did return the damier speedy 30 too and got the ribera mini instead... much more nicer and no sagging... I'm much happier... I guess you should stick with the popincourt... it's cute !!! ;)
  10. Hi tinkung, it sounds like you're not happy with the saggy look of the speedy, but at the same time, you like the Damier canvas. How about taking a look at the Damier Brera? That's a comparatively more structured bag as well.
  11. I say stick with the Speedy. It holds a lot more for a cheaper price and it's a classic nice bag.
  12. I prefer the speedy over the popincourt - the 25 is the right size for me but try before you buy to decide whether 25 or 30 is for you.
  13. You might want to try the Damier Duomo, the size is about the size of a speedy 25, with much much better construction
  14. hey ya
    i say go with the speedy!!! try out the 25 if you can get to a store... and ask them to get out the 30 as well - even though you've already experienced it... but just compare them!!! i totally think the damier speedy is TDF... its just so dare cute!!!!!
  15. i vote for the speedy, maybe exchange it for a 25. good luck! :biggrin: