really need help making up my mind!!!

  1. hi all!
    for the past few weeks, i've been DRIVEN TO INSANITY trying to find a bag...sounds like an easy task, right? guess again! some background...our roof flew off and we had to redo the roof and paint the whole interior of the house that got mildew in it and replace carpeting..don't ask...yikes! soooo...we have a boatload to pay for right now...dh and i had a lengthy talk about my bag "issue"(addiction, habit, call it what you will!) and came to a mutual understanding/agreement that i would be able to spend 1000 on bags and no more for the rest of the year...(a full year, not fiscal year, lunar year, solar year...believe me, i tried!), i bought the ergo red patent leather hobo and love has been coming and going with michael kors, balenciaga, prada, andrew marc and kooba, and with the exception of the andrew marc, i'm not in love with any of them...SO...i'm thinking carly...i'm going to be 50 w/in the next few months and am wondering if carly is too young? also, which one would you guys recommend for me? i need to make a decision fast because dh has reminded me that so far i've spent over 100 in shipping alone to have the other bags sent to me!!! any help? thoughts? suggestions??
    thanks SO much!!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. I don't think the Carly is too young. A large chocolate cotton signature Carly would be gorgeous! I saw someone with one the other day and it looked amazing.
  3. Im so sorry to hear about all the problems you have had with your house.

    I think the Carly is a great choice. That bag has no age limit. I would go for it the khaki/ebony is a great choice or the chocolate.
  4. I would definitely go for the Carly -- such a cute bag! Also, the chocolate color is so pretty!
  5. thanks silver sea...yeah, about the's as if one thing happened and then the **** hit the fan...literally!!! but, if that's the worst thing that happens to me then it's not so bad, right? do you think they'll be coming out with new carly colors for the fall? you think the chocolate sig is the best one, huh? i'm going to have to go try it! thanks so much!
  6. The Carly is a great choice. I have the medium chocolate sig and I absolutely love it. It is not too young and you will love it as well, it is gorgeous :yes:
  7. Do you have any outlets close by? There are a lot of carlys at the outlet right now--they have the cotton sig and some regular signature bags. The large cotton carlys were selling for about $200, and that could save you some money.

    And no, it's not too young for you. It's a beautiful bag.
  8. I'm so sorry about your house! :sad: I don't think the Carly is too young for you. :nogood: You could get the brown/brown (chocolate) or black/ black. :yes: (I like the chocolate better, though). With the chocolate or the black, the sig. would be toned down a bit so it wouldn't seem so "young." Oh, and Coach's shipping is only $8.95! :tup: Good luck choosing and working on your house! :smile:
  9. I definitely do NOT think the Carly is too young, nor is it particularly a young style. I think any of the leather Carlys will stand the test of time, though I am partial to the camel with the dark trim. I am not particularly a fan of siggy bags, but I do think that siggy fabric works better on Carly bags than many others, so those look very nice (IMO), too.

    I don't own one, but from the comments I've read from others, you will likely find it to be a very comfortable, practical and stylish bag!
  10. I've been eyeing the choc. carly. It's a very versatile bag & would look great on anyone...go for it! Can you stetch the budget to $1099?
  11. Coach is said to be coming out with a Chocolate all leather Carly in the month of August sometime. I would get an all leather version as it is more timeless.
  12. ^I agree with Liz. I don't think either one (sig or leather) is younger than the other but I think the leather is muh more classy. However, if you decide to go with a sig bag, I think you should go for the darker tones - black or chocolate. :yes:
  13. I totally agree!

    Also, there's no age limit to the Carly. It looks great on everyone, IMO.

    BTW, Your $1000 spending limit should not include shipping. Try to re-negotiate that clause!:wlae:

    I hope that your new roof has a long, long life!!!
  14. I am probably the only one without a carly, but they are way too faked and popular to be appreciated by me. I think the shoulder totes are more timeless than the carlys. I can't bring myself to spend 400 dollars on something so slouchy. But yet, I am also a structured person and everything has to be standing up in my purse haha. if you like the chocolate carly then get her and enjoy!
  15. I agree with the others, I think Carly would be great for you! It's definitely not too young.

    I have the black signature large Carly and LOVE her. It's so chic. I prefer either the leather ones, or the darker signature. For some reason I thought the khaki signature with the different trims was just too busy. (I had thye khaki/saddle one for a week or so but ended up returning it).