Really need help!!! Ladiea used bag from nm!

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  1. I posted in the other thread about Neiman Marcus send me a used bag and a wrong jacket ! N now they just say they don't hav the same bag anymore and there is nothing they can do ! The SA even tell me to order from Prada ! After all these trouble n mentally furistration n disappointment they put me through that is the best they can do? I told them dat prada can order the bag n if they can order it too, and she said no! She tried to convince me to take something else ! Yeh I got the bag with the gc promotion but that don't justified them sending customer used items n try to shrug it off ! Anyone know wat can I do now?
  2. You can always return that used bag NM sent you. Personally, I will not take an used bag when you paid good money for a PRADA bag. Please show us photos.
  3. The pic is blurry since I took with my phone I did return the bag n she said she will exchange another one , but I got it with gc so I don't really wanna just return it n forfeit the gc, since I also got another jacket , plus all the time wasted n tell a customer to buy sone where else is just not rit !