Really need help welcomed!

  1. I'm on the waiting list at BalNY to get the Pine GGH daybag, but an opportunity just arose to get the purple SGH daybag which I've also been drooling over. Which one do I go with?? which one would you choose? Also which one do you think has more longetivity, is most versatile? is purple as versatile as green?

    pics for reference

    Pine GGH, credit to cuteusername

    Violet SGH, please give yourself credit if this is your pic, sorry I can't remember who's it is...I just have it saved, i'll remove if it offends anyone
  2. I'd pick purple because it's one of my fav colors and also I prefer the silver hardware over the gold.
  3. Purple is totally my fav color and I would definitely go for that, but it depends - which do you think would go better with your wardrobe?
  4. Well, that really depends. They are two very different colors, both vibrant and strong. I would stick with the one that goes best with your clothes and personal style.
  5. Purple, I don't like the fabric part on the pine zipper, it is like a teal blue and doesn't match at all even though the leather is really pretty.
  6. ooh tough decision.. personally I would go with the violet because I am enjoying the sgh more but at the same time you can really work a green as a neutral... it seems as though there are more pines around so this may be a good time to snap up a violet ;) both would be fabulous though !
  7. lone vote goes with the pine. this pic better references the color, on the left

    (not my pic though)
  8. Green is my favorite color! I say get the green.
  9. yes I forgot about that, I had an issue with that too when I saw the pine in person. :shrugs:
  10. I vote for the pine
  11. I vote for the purple - I've been carrying one for 3 years and it really does go with almost everything. And I like the SGH.
  12. Both are STUNNING colors... for my personal preference... I'd choose both :p.. what help I am..! I love SGH.. but the pine compliments the GGH so well too. Which color, would compliment your wardrobe better?
  13. I don't believe the zipper tape color is an issue on the gh bags. I think the gh tape actually matches the leather. I think it was the rh bags that had the teal zipper tape. Having said that, this is a very difficult decision.... I love my violet city and would own a pine rh city if the zipper tape wasn't off... so if the zipper tape isn't an issue I think I would go for (gasp!) the pine! Absolutely gorgeous color!
  14. Purple is my favorite color so I am biased, but which one would go better wiyh your clothes and wardrobe.
  15. What's your wardrobe like? Also, are your accessories more silver or more gold? I absolutely adore violet and got a violet SGH work, however I find that I end up accessory-less (sp?) because what I've got is mainly gold. Both pine GGH (l much prefer it with GGH) and violet SGH are gorgeous, so pick the one that best goes with your wardrobe and accessories.