Really need help choosing next color

  1. :yes:
    I'm so not a color person but I really want to add some color into my bag wardrobe. Already have A Caramel & Black City, Waiting for the fall dark brown Twiggy. Would Ink or grey be a better neutral choice?
  2. I think and Ink or Greige Twiggy would be a fantastic choice! :smile: I don't know if you can find an Ink Twiggy anymore, though. Is the Blueberry too much color for you? aaallabama posted some pics of her gorgeous blueberry twiggy. It's sooo pretty!
  3. Personally I think gray would be a great choice, especially the new FW 06 Greige - it's a beautiful neutral choice.
  4. Out of the two choices you provided I say get the grey.
  5. I like the greige. I'm thinking about the greige twiggy too.
  6. I agree with pupster and say go for the ink! As much as I like the griege, you have the caramel. And though it isn't the same color, it (imo) is in a similar grouping. If you can't find the ink, I would go for the blueberry. Aaallabama's blueberry twiggy is absolutely gorgeous without too much pop (like magenta, etc...)... I think it's an incredibly versatile color.
  7. Get the ink!!!!! its such a beautiful color~~~
  8. INK INK INK!!!!! I liked it when i bought it but LOVE it now!!!!!!!!! It's so great that I want to buy another ink bag in a different style!
  9. I also found F05 bordeaux to be a very neutral color. A BNY SA indicated that the F06 grenat is very similar to F05 bordeaux. You might want to consider grenat (bordeaux looked great with browns, blacks, neutrals...but not reds). Bordeaux was almost like a brown with color...
  10. hmmmmmmmmmm, actually SoCal-girl, my bordeaux doesn't have any brown in it at all...and the new grenat/oxblood color doesn't either :amuse:'s a picture of my bordeaux below :love:
    BORDEAUX BAG 2.jpg
  11. If you have the Caramel, then I say go with the grey. In my wardrobe I tend to wear brown tone bags with browns, greens, khaki, whereas I wear grey with grey, black, blues. I don't think that the new fall brown and the grey are equal choices. Kind of like saying do I feel like an orange or an apple, as opposed to saying, do I feel like a Golden Delicious Apple, or a Fuji??

    I know you said you like neutral colours, but I definitely think the Oxblood would be awesome with pretty much any colour except reds!

    I wish you well,

  12. I say greige if you are really looking for a neutral color. If you want to get a little more pop then go for ink.
  13. I don't think the Greige is that neutral. I saw it yesterday and thought it was a pale dove grey, thought how versatile it would be and went back today to buy it, but it was just a weird colour and there were 4 to choose from, so it wasn't just one bag. I was wearing grey and it didn't match, I also had a blue shirt, didn't match. Yesterday ths SA had chocolate brown on and it looked awful with it. Perhaps whites and blacks? I am not sure what colours you could wear it with. Just my opinion!

    I walked out with the 06 Grey Twiggy because it looked *great* with the heather grey I was wearing, my jeans, the other blue shirt I brought with me. Far, far more versatile!

    I wish you well,

  14. hmm... i'd say ink, but there isnt much of it left in the larger sizes (I'm guessing you want a city or twiggy)...

    i think if you wear a lot of neutrals you could use a pop of color! get grenat or blue roi, both are deeper jewel colors that will go great with almost anyones fall wardrobe!
  15. Ooh, yes! Get a Grenat/Oxblood! I have it and it's a gorgeous color that would match practically anything! It's a deep red burgundy color. Here's a pic of the color(closeup of the leather w/o flash)
    Oxblood close up.jpg