Really need everyone's help! Do I cough up the $$$$ for my dream bag?

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  1. OK, everyone. I am about to take the plunge. Technically, I don't even own even own a Chanel bag! Although I have purchased a beautiful multipocket denim bag at the NM presale, I can't pick it up till Thursday. And while I'm there, I think I'm going to pick up the black P-B tote with the side pockets. Now, I feel like I just need one more bag, in leather, to complete my collection for now (until I find a pre-loved pink reporter!) I tried a few bags that I was just ho-hum about (like the expandable tote- large), but the one that really was "me" was the outrageously expensive, but completely gorgeous black calfskin Diagonal CC large tote that I tried on at the trunk show some months ago. Honestly, this bag was so "me" that it was crazy. Even the SA commented after seeing me try on several bags that that one really suited me best. The problem? It's $4,000.00. There is one on ebay right now and I want it so very badly. Am I crazy? Should I really do this? It seems so wrong, but I cannot get this bag out of my head, and I really feel like I will have it forever and it won't get "dated" because it's a very classic style and just edgy enough to suit me. The only other bag I'm considering is the black baby cabas (the older smaller size). I DID try on the Pocket In the City bag today and I really like it, but not as much as the Diagonal CC tote. So, I really need you guys right now. Here is a link to the auction: My dream bag

    Please let me know if you think I should go for it, or if I should just grab a cabas first. TIA everyone!
  2. WOW, 4k for a bag is beyond my comfort level unless we are talking Hermes.

    I am all sideways over the LE bag being 3200 not 2995, which I wasn't thrilled about to begin with. So, I understand your love -

    Maybe it is a great deal for you - instead of one or two so-so bags, one super fab bag.

    Can't wait to see what you decide.....

    Good luck.:tup:
  3. Wow I'm not sure I would spend $4k on that bag, but it's all what your heart desires! Good Luck!
  4. I guess its all relative. Would you be sacrificing to afford it? Are you taking money from some other priority?

    My rule of thumb is if I would spend that amount on a vacation, I can spend it on a bag. If it is more than I would spend on a vacation, I can't afford it.

    Curious to know what you decide! Keep us posted.
  5. I think 4k is too steep. I would rather get two bags for that amount.
  6. I think you should go for it if its your dream bag and you can afford it. I would if I loved it that much.
  7. Wow! :wtf: I love my Chanels, but 4K is out of my comfort zone. If it were me, I'd rather have 2 chanels for that price. Totally irrelevant because all that matters is what you think. :yes: If it's your dream bag and your not sacrificing or taking money away from another priority, then by all means go for it. If my budget allowed me to spend that much on my dream bag, I'd take the plunge. G'luck with your decision and keep us updated!:smile:
  8. if this is your dream bag and you have the cash, go for it....
  9. 4k for a bag's not unheard of....but i wouldn't spend my 4k on that particular bag....but if that's what you heart's at...go for it...whatever makes you happy right? :smile:
  10. I am fast approaching 3000, but 4000 is more than I would spend for a chanel bag.
  11. I love the Diagonal CC purse, I was looking at it today at SAKS. If you can afford it, and it is your dreambag, go for it!!!
  12. I love this bag so much! i tryed it on and its amazing, I could not afford it now, but if it your dream bag and you want it over everything else I say go for it!!! ASk yourself would you rather have this bag than 2 bags or a great fall wardrobe or investing towards a new car. It all depends on what your priorities are and if it is the bag then I can't wait to see your pics:drool:
  13. I wouldn't risk that kind of money on something being sold on ebay. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  14. ^^ I agree with rosehair. If this is the bag you have to have, for that price, I think it is better to get it new from a Chanel boutique or department store. If for any reason, there is a flaw or problem later, it will be much easier to deal with an authorized seller. A good SA should be able to find it for you. It is gorgeous!
  15. 4000 on a Chanel bag gives me hives...LOL..OMG.WOW.U have to simply LOVE it to death and want to sleep with it as a pillow.. for that much...heehee

    I myself am hesitant on the new 3000 bag Im gonna buy for fall.I simply draw the line here (once I buy the 3000 dollar bag..ROFL......)