really my MISTAKE?? buyer get mad & send rude emails

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  1. I sold my LV cherry blossom cream papillon for cheap price $ 950 incl. shipping to Australia by EMS ( 3-5 days + tracking number ).

    She made payment and I received on June, 25 but it less around $ 30 than final price.

    I back home on June, 25 and emailed her that I'll ask my friend to pick it up from LV ( for brighten up goldhardwares service ) then my staff shipped it on June, 27.

    Unfortunately, June, 29 post office sent back to me due to uncomplete shipping address & I resent on Monday, July, 1. I gave her complete explain but she looks so mad & said I delay for 2 week!! wtf?? June, 25 to July, 1 isn't 2 weeks, doesn't it??

    Her latest email:

    You have your information all wrong, payment reached you on the 25th June which was Monday, why the bag wasn't sent during that week, I have no idea, except u r blaming other people, it should have been sent straight after payment made, my address is clear on eBay, if u cannot get your facts right don't bother to email because its ticking me off, if u sell on eBay do a proper job, don't let your buyers keep Emailing you for answers, its certainly not the way business is done, and don't accuse myself of not getting facts correct its has been 2 WEEKS! Do the math! You should know better as a seller.

    OMG! I want to cry, I hope didn't sell to her. Actually, she emailed me when my personally LV cherry blossom sold for $ 1050, she said she really want it & sent me so lovely emails, I thought I like her & I called my friends to locate one for her and just for note, I sold to her $ 950 without any PROFIT for myself but what I get from it?? Just trouble & bad emails! :push::crybaby:

    Just wonder if this is 100% my mistake?
  2. I am so sorry you had a rude buyer. Just reading her email made me mad! I cannot believe there is a such unreasonable buyer exists. You could tell her you came out of your way to help, and she under-paid you $30, plus it is 6 days, not two weeks. Tell her DO HER MATH before blaming on others. If she is not happy, she can return it for refund minus shipping. She sure doesn't deserve your care and help!
  3. how did she pay you? you've said before that other buyers have underpaid you and i'm wondering if you're getting bank fees for wire transfer or pp fees taken out in which case they're not underpaying you.
  4. That is so rude! I'm so sorry you had to deal with someone like that--I know that I would LOVE to find a seller like you if I were looking for something special. Rest assured that anybody who treats other people that way on a regular basis will be very unhappy in the long run--just take the high road and get her and her negative attitude out of your life as soon as possible!
  5. When I sell on eBay, I try to keep my buyers very informed as possible. Did you let her know every step of the way regarding what happened (post office problem etc)? From June 25th to July 1st isn't 2 weeks, but perhaps she was counting the time she actually recieved it? I think explaining that to her, she should understand. But you know what, it sounded like you did her a favor by locating the bag and selling it at a lower cost. She should've been more appreciative or at least not be nasty. There was no need for that. She did get the bag and it is exactly what she wanted. B*tching at you for the 2 weeks? It really isn't that long. Even if you order from NM or something, sometimes they take about that long. Sorry you feel sadden by it. She's ingrateful and you did her a favor. Don't feel bad!
  6. awww. shes probably just scared and thinks you scammed her for 1k.
  7. Ugh, she sounds obnoxious! The only thing that I can see is she's complaing due to the delay in mailing. You said the package was returned due to the address not being complete. Was that your error? If so, then she has a point, although there is no reason for her to be that rude.

    I'd brush it off, sometimes people are really awful in emails, don't take it personally. You're a good seller and we all know this. Don't let the jerks get you down.
  8. oh no. some people are very rude.

    why did you ship it if she didnt send you enough money?
  9. Devil's advocate: I understand why she's upset. Granted, being rude doesn't accomplish a thing, but I'd be upset under the circumstances.

    Have you replied to that email yet? If not, inhale and exhale then remind her that rudeness isn't necessary and while it was your error (it was your error if you gave it to someone else to send and they messed the address up), you are working to correct it. You might even want to toss her a peace offering and refund some of her money.

    I'm saying this based on what I read in your post and her email. If I've misread it, let me know. I'll stop being the :devil:

    Edit note: since you offered to find and sell her the same bag, as nice as it was of you to do that it is still your error. Also on the money shortage, could that have been an exchange rate issue? You said she's in Australia. Just a thought...
  10. Oh, I know the feeling all too well. I sold an item on Jun 27th and shipped on June 29th. Now, on my listings I state clearly, in bold that I ship TWICE a week and even the days. That night, the buyer emails saying 'WHERE IS MY ITEM, I PAID YOU IMMEDIATELY." Now, first off, I was like, even if I had somehow shipped the very next morning, which the auction closed at night, how in the heck unless it was it supposed to be to her unless shipped overnight. I have two options avaliable to buyers, parcel post or priority. She checked parcel post. I always use the paypal shipping for delivery conformation purposes. So, I emailed her and said that it had shipped that day. So, then she emails me back, again in all caps, "WHERE IS MY ITEM, I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW AND WILL RETURN TO YOU." So, at this point, I instruct her how to use the USPS tracking system which says it is enroute and that at this point, no I won't issue a refund to contact me after she gets it. Well, a day later, she contacts me again yelling in her all caps "I STILL DON'T HAVE IT AND WANT MY MONEY BACK." Now, at this point I say, USPS says that parcel post times are 4-9 days average. It is only day 6 as of right now total from date of shipment and day 8 from auction close. YOU chose parcel post and if you had wanted it the next day, then you should have either chosen priority or contacted me prior to paying saying you needed it overnight. I have no way of controlling the post office and they do have it in their possession and trying to deliver it to you. Now, if you have an issue when you get it, then please do contact me, but you can check yourself the status of your item using the delivery tracking number I gave you and the website I have given you.

    I mean, I have all positive feedback and a long record of happy customers and sellers. I am just floored myself about people these days. I hated to get "ugly" or "short" with this person, but TWO days and she is wanting to know where it is? So, you have my sympathies completely.
  11. I got an item returned to me for that reason too. What happened was in the email to me showing that she paid part of the address (#) was cut off. Luckily, she was ok with it. I also had to pay to ship the item all over again. She sounds very unsympathetic!
  12. It seems to me you guys need to just tell these pushy, rude buyers that technically ebay allows THIRTY (30) days to ship!
  13. Yikes! I wonder if it's just the risky nature of ebay these days that buyers are freaking out so fast!?

    I don't give people the option of shipping choices or whether they want insurance. I just figure the cost of priority shipping plus insurance and that is what I charge for shipping. That way they get it right away and I am covered by insurance. If they don't like it, but from someone else.
  14. Well, I can understand her worry. I really can.
    She was pretty angry in her words in her email, but that was probably due to her frustration.

    Did you communicate all this to her before her email?

    She probably is saying 2 weeks, because by the time she gets it, it will be 2 weeks.

    I would say to email her back and apologize for the shipping mixup and assure her that it IS on its way!

    Im sure she is very afraid she is getting scammed. Not really an excuse for her harshness though.
  15. I know it's going to be difficult, but pretend you're Grace Kelly. Send only a gracious email, and NEVER deal with her again.
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