Really lovin my Black City!

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  1. Hey Girls,

    I don't know why I didn't jump on the Balenciaga bandwagon a few years ago! I always liked the bags, but I guess I never wanted to go over the 1K mark for one, until I went over for a MJ Stam. I have been using her a few weeks now and just love the city. So roomy, easy access, light to carry, a very functional bag. Heck If I would have bought her a few years ago I might not have the ridiculous collection of other bags I have now and don't always use!

    Just wanted to share!
  2. Oh that sounds like a bag that would work well for me...I am seriously getting ready for a fall off the LV wagon...
  3. Welcome to the Balworld...these bags are amazing!!!
  4. The black city is may be next on my wishlist! I don't think there's anywhere you couldn't wear it.

    Be careful though, very few people can stop at just one Bbag!
  5. Welcome to the dark side! :devil::death:
  6. Seriously!!!
  7. I was lucky enough to get a Black City from barneys In August with the thickest, smoothest leather ever. I love my Black City. My Black Day is the same. Funny, I got rid of all my colored bags and just have 2 black and a Calcaire. I use the black all the time.
  8. I love my black city to death!
  9. sounds great...i love it when people express their love for Bbags :smile:
  10. hee hee at first i was like 'why would anyone want a black b-bag?' the black leather it's hard to see the lovely texture..and the beauty of their colors is such a draw for me. but then lately...slowly..i have been thinking..'man this outfit would be smokin' with a black city'...and 'wow all i need now is a black city for this jacket'...hmmm. :graucho:

    today i am wearing an outfit perfect for a black city. the madness continues. i want an 05 one. :shame:
  11. Ha! I thought the same thing. Black...boring...and there are so many other pretty colors. But now I can't stop thinking about a black city, and how it would go with everything. My outfit today looks great with my rouge vif box, but a black city would rock it too!
  12. I really want a black City as well but I'm waiting for the 07 to come out and am on a purse ban until March 07 anyway. Everytime I carry my black First, I'll be thinking "I wish this is a City!!" :Push:
  13. I know the feeling!
  14. I LOOOOOOOOVE my black city!! I think it's the best investment ever.
  15. Congrats on finding your perfect bag!:yahoo:Can't wait to get mine for Christmas now!:love: