really like the idea of tying a scarf around the bag but...

  1. does it personally bother anyone to use a different brand of scarf with the purse? i.e. louis vuitton scarf with gucci bag...
  2. It doesn't bother me if the scarf is from a different designer as long as the scarf compliments the bag.
  3. As long as both aren't screaming logo items i think it's fine

    however some of the items are the 'signature' or logo and it's like vomitous imo
  4. Exactly, as long as the scarf's colours, pattern and shape compliment the bag, I think it's actually preferable to wear a different designer/brand, as it then looks like you have more imagination, IMO.

    However, I have worn the same brand of scarf with a bag, in the past and I'm certainly not ashamed of it! I think either can be cool! :cool:
  5. i love accessorising my bags, especially with scarves! :smile:

    here's an LV cerises scarf tied to my rouge box:
    Balenciaga Box - Red.JPG
  6. I love tying a scarf around a bag ... I think it gives the bag some personality. Like the majority has said ... as long as the scarf compliments the style of the bag, it doesn't have to be from the same designer. Here's some examples of my bags w/ scarves:
    DSC_0079.JPG DSC_0081.JPG
  7. I love the look of a scarf tied to a bag. I'm actually thinking about going shopping today for a scarf to match my Balenciaga city :love: As long as the scarf complements the bag, I think it doesn't matter whether or not it's a logo scarf, or a different brand of scarf.
  8. I think if you like it go for it.
  9. thank you girls! the scarf and bag in question is my vintage navy and red CD scarf tied to my suede coach clutch (with chain strap) it looks SO SHARP together..but wasn't sure how I felt with mixing brands..But I agree with a few of the posts that said as long as it isn't mixing monogram with monogram and if it cute ;) BTW the pics posted look SO GOOD!
  10. I'm in the minority here. I never did get the scarf on a handbag thing. I think the scarf takes away from the bag. And usually the scarf is big bucks and is basically just a decoration. Or do you guys actually use the scarf for anything? I don't get into key fobs or other decorations either. Now I would buy a scarf if I could look as cute as the Coach model wearing it with an Audrey Hepburn look, and it could hide a bad hair day too :graucho: .
  11. hmmm, i've noticed afew of you PF members have been doing the whole bag thing with the scarf.... i thought, "geez, thats different!" but after seeing more and more pics of bags with scarfs tied to them... the idea is growing on me!!! you PF members a true fashion idols to look up too!!!!

    PS, asl bebes - totally loving the scarf on your black twiggy!!!!!
  12. Hey lexie! the thought of the scarf on my bag had to grow on me..but I found a small vintage Christian Dior scarf among some older clothes. I knew I had to take it but I just didn't know what to do with it ( it was too small to tie anywhere) Then I saw these ideas about tying the scarf to the bag and I had a viola moment. Although I like different keyfobs and such on purses..I can completely understand why it may take away from the bag. I guess for me, it really dpeneds on the design of the bag and how th e extra touch would help it.
  13. I shouldnt matter if it looks like the scarf is complementing the purse ;)
  14. Not at all. I think as long as they complement each other, then it's OK in my book. :yes:
  15. I Just ordered the LV red floral bandeau for my new damier fom elux. I also have a black epi speedy that it would nice on. I think it looks fresh on a bag, plus its great for a headscarf or belt. I also have this great coral banana republic small silk square I paid 6.00 last year that looks great tied on a bag.