Really like the Chloe Qulited Bay Bag in Carbon; not sure about Jade

  1. This may have been posted before (apologies in this case), but must mention that I saw the Quilted Bay Bag in Carbon at Nordstrom. The color is striking. Here's a link:

    I vascillate about the Chloe Quited Patent Bay Bag in Jade.

    What are you thoughts about these two bags?

    I love my Bay bag in black -- super roomy. Whenever I change bags, I realize how much more storage there is in the Bay bag because of its various compartments.
  2. Love the Carbon and I was just admiring it a few days ago!
    In real life is it a true grey? and what size did you see at Nordstrom? I want the meduim!!!
  3. It was the medium, I believe. It's not a grey, per se, more of a "soft", if you will, almost perlescent metallic grey. It's not really pewter and not really gunmetal. It's definitely softer then either. It caught my eye because of the almost perlescent affect of multiple color hues reflected in the right light. It's not shiny either in the way that metallics can be -- more matte in color. Unique, most definitely, in terms of a grey/metallic shade. The picture doesn't really capture the color well -- it photographs flat.
  4. Sounds gorgoues.....
    One last question, how much was it?
  5. I seem to remember around $1900, but I don't remember exactly. The one pictured on Net-A-Porter is $1900 and change. I assume they are the same bag -- I doubt Chloe would introduce two greyish bags in this style for this season unless it's exclusive to Nordstrom, which I doubt, as it isn't on their website.
  6. OMG I LOVE the jade! But I am obsessed with green. Wish I had a spare 2K!
  7. The jade is interesting -- I like patent in the quilted style. I saw the jade Bay Bag in September's Fashion Mini magazine, so I went to look for it, and was surprised that I only found it on Saks' website (not Bergdorf, Neimans, et al). Although, it notes that it's in pre-order status, which may be why it's not on other sites.
  8. The carbon is beautiful!! I think the jade is to trendy. The carbon color you can use more and will go with more too.
  9. I think I am leaning towards a color epiphany! After you have all the bases covered with basic go-with-everything hues - I think you are ready for unique color hits. I want PURPLE patent or TURQUOISE. Something off the wall. I am waiting for the spring introductions!
  10. I agree with what Divinata is saying about injecting some colour, but in this case I vote grey. I just don't like the green patent bay at all-I think the shade is ugly, and this grey looks lovely and the way you describe it, it sounds GORGEOUS.
  11. get jade. it's just TDF!! it will pop against every single outfit possible and you are gonna receive many stares and compliments for sure!
  12. oooohhhh. the grey bay bag looks so beautiful.
  13. Carbon colour looks gorgeous, haven't seen it in real life thouhg... but in my opinion greyish colour would be a classic and would go for years:tup:

    Jade looks pretty and I love the patent but I wish it had matching zipper pulls
  14. Love them both - no surprise there!
    It's too bad the Carbon didn't come with silver hardware.
  15. Bringing back an old thread. I ordered the carbon, I hope to receive it soon. I think it is a large, it may go back. My medium bay is a great size.