Really itching to go shopping! Trying to 'be good'...

  1. Ok, I know we are a bunch of 'enablers' usually....but I am trying so hard to fight the urge to go to the LV store.

    Kids are back to school today, and I have some time to myself!!!

    But, it's almost my birthday, so I really shouldn't!!

    Must resist! So hard! So many things calling my name...just come
  2. Don't you have to go to make sure your birthday wishlist is up to date? ;)
  3. DON'T DO IT!!! WAIT!!!:yes:
  4. When you really want to go it's such a struggle to "fight the urge" - Distract yourself, don't go on eLux or - do something not LV-related!!!
  5. mean like I am on right now!
  6. Ha ha ha... I know what you mean. The kids are back to school and don't know what to do with myself, lol. So here I am at the pf again:shame:

    So, what bags do you have in mind?
  7. Well, I really want the charms mule, in white...even though I have it taupe :sad:

    And I want an antigua GM in blue....even though I have it in brown :sad:

    So it's double guilt!
  8. C'est tout! Je vais à Louis Vuitton!

    Sorry, getting in the french mood....translation: That's it! I am going to Louis Vuitton!

    I am just going to check out what I might want ob my birthday wish list. ;) :graucho: :sneaky:
  9. Have fun! I've got shopping envy :Push:
  10. Go for it! It never hurts to look. ;) Make sure you bring back something fabulous for us to drool over!! :graucho:
  11. I'll admit it, I'm an enabler, GO FOR IT!
  12. I am out the door :smile: Taking my laptop with me, so it will be like shopping with my friends!
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