Really insane question on charms

  1. Do they only make charms in the silver colors? Or do they make them in brass too? I have only saw silver-and I love the silver...but how does it look with brass hardware on a bag? (Noooo, I'm not too obsessed with matching thing'
  2. i am pretty sure they are all silver tone, no brass.

    Since most of my bags have the brass hardware, i would love to have brass charms, but the silver ones really don't look like they clash on the bags or anything.
  3. charms come in silver, but there are keyfobs that come in brass.
  4. I think almost all of their accessories come in silver.. which I think is kind of weird because their bags are brass... but I just got an owl keychain and it was brass.. boy was I happy!!! I totally went for it.
  5. keychains come in brass too, the sunflower comes in brass.
  6. oops, just read that it's charms not key fobs. DOH!
  7. There's a charm in the new catalog that comes in brass, it's a big one and has the snaps and buttons on it. It's $98. I don't know the item # off hand.