really hate my BR4225 now

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  1. hihi

    i dun mean to offend anyone with this bag

    but i dunno why..

    i have so fallen out of love with this bag that i have not even used!

    i have not even unwrapped the paper for the bag tag!

    I so hate it now.. especially the big matt gold loops that hold the handle of the bag..

    they look like giant ears


    I am sorry to say this.. cos i know there are so many prada lovers here
    but i have fallen so out of love with my prada bags (but i still love my 12 pairs of prada shoes), that i am selling all my prada bags (at a great loss) except for my first two prada bags (a white cervo hobo and a gold tote bag) because they are too used to be sold!



    The resale value of Prada in my country seems really bad.. i am not able to even get 70 percent of the retail price for something completely unused and brandnew

    Dun think i would buy prada again.. except for their shoes, accessories and of course their lovely pencil skirts
  2. so sorrya abt happen and hope u will LOVE PRADA in the future
  3. gosh, mave... you really do have so much hate right now. first, chanel, then prada... what's next?

    could be a phase? no offense, but frankly, it strikes me too that you might want to get members' attention by for possible clients... sorry, just had to say. there's just so much negativity each time i come across your posts even under other topics too...

    hope you find what you're looking for... :wondering
  4. have to say this was never a real favourite of mine to begin with.

    Would love to see pics of your collection to see where it's gone wrong...:sad:

  5. #5 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    actually i only have two threads in which i talk about getting sick of my bags.

    it's not a phase.. i think it was a phase that i was in.. that made me buy so many bags without even thinking if i really like them

    i don't hate my chanel bags.. i just don't really like them anymore.. and i got sick of myself for accummulating so many designer stuff without thinking if i really liked them

    but if you had read my posts (and not just the sporadic first few), you would know i have since resolved the issue..

    people get bags for various reasons; i don't think i need them anymore for the reasons i got them.

    if i am desperate for cash, and i really want to sell them for the best possible price, i would try ebay.. not here, thanks! i have no time to communicate with strangers.. who ask too many questions..

    I am just taking mine to a second hand shop this weekend..and dumping them.. cos i just can't stand the clutter...

    thanks for your concern tho... i appreciate it but it does sound rather judgemental.. though we are all entitled to our own interpretation as to where the comment came from (like you are to mine)

    but i do dislike the br4225.. dunno why i bought it in the first place.. .haha, the other day i saw a lady with it.. and it struck me i really don't like the gold loops

    getting rid of bags i don't like.. is also a reflection of the need to get rid of mental clutter in my mind..

    we come across threads which might us roll our eyes, laugh or cringe.. but we don't always need to comment..

    buying bags seems like a very emotional affair for many of the tpfers here.. it could range from joy to disdain.. do i need to apologise for talking abt negative feelings for my bags now? hmm.. just wondering

    there have also been many threads in tpf.. asking for advice on the best possible to sell bags.. if i am shamelessly soliciting for business, i would try my office first.. thanks :smile:
  6. #6 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    haha.. just realised i have more bags than i need..

    it's like my wardrobe. i only use 20 percent of it..

    time to get rid of clutter!

    i dunno why i bought it.. haha.. i think it was the discovery of Prada Hawaii (where everything seems like a bargain cf my local boutique)

  7. aaah... so now i see... i do appreciate you taking my comment w/ an open-mind. thanks... sorry about my misjudgement. didn't mean to get on a personal level. guess the threads, posts just took its toll on me... lol. if only bags could talk :P

    going back, i totally understand going thru a bag-binge and later realizing, "what the hell was i thinking?!!"... it is but a natural feeling w/ earthly obsessions. i felt the same when i had my 1st taste of of a premiere designer bag, an LV. though i'm glad i didn't, fell in luv w/ chanel sooner before falling into vuitton's black hole! :Push:

    anyhow, i guess it pays to strictly stick to the classics, keep a collection tight, in the long run. that way, each receives equal luvin as they get too see the light of day... and eventually, their price tags' worth.
  8. I saw your two posts also, maybe you purchased too many at one time. All bags having a hard time getting a good price in these economic times. Good luck on your sales.
  9. yeah.. u are right.. i actually bought 4 bags in a month last october-nov!

    terrible.. terrible..

    it's like how some men go thru too many girls too quickly, without thinking abt the qualities of each individual.. and then thinking he doesn';t like any of them after all!

    i feel terrible.. and it's a costly mistake!
  10. Oh Mave- we have all done it. It is costly, and that is why you have to be VERY careful with boutiques. I have bought and sold so many bags, you would die if you knew. I did an excel spreadsheet last year on it.

    Hence, why I have cutback. I just bought two bags at Barney's and thanks to my close pals here on the forum, I re-thought some of them. Believe me, I too get caught up in a "deal"....not worth it IMHO.

    I agree with Purse-nality- get classics....or what you really love, and don't worry about what people on the forum say....
  11. wow 4 bags within 2 months is quite a lot...

    nevermind, take it as a lesson and going forward only get the bags you really really love it or you could keep it for long term use. Just hold back and think carefully before making a deal. :smile:
  12. just wondering,..

    what is the return period allowed usually, for Prada USA / prada hawaii? For completely unused stuff..

    in my country, refunds are absolutely not allowed..except at Marks and Spencers

  13. ^Just exchange within 14 days- no returns.
  14. OMG, Mave! Discovering Prada Hawaii is the absolutely worst thing that can happen to any Prada addict. I know a bit about this, because I'm a Prada addict. Especially when it comes to pretty rainbow colours . . .

    Lucky (or unluckily) for me, I've moved to the East Coast and visit Oahu once a year. Last year, after my Prada splurge, my DH threatened to change our vacation destination for the next 5 years! :nuts:

    I am currently on BAN . . .


    BTW, I'm with ~Ise~ in regards to BR4225 . . .
  15. yes.. it awakened my (bargain) hunter's instincts..


    but now i am so turned off prada.. i dunno why

    oh.. i managed to sell my soft calf to a friend who was having dinner at my place last night.. yay! at only 30 percent less than what i paid (still a loss considering that it is brandnew) sigh..

    what to do .. an expensive lesson... dunno what possessed me to buy the BR4225..

    i could stil live with the bn1407 even if i never use it.. hahaha