REALLY good false eyelashes?

  1. I don't even know where to begin! I want something that looks real... something you can't even tell that they're fake that you can wear while wearing mascara. Just brands, really. I've never even come across things for false eyelashes in magazines or anything, nor does anyone mention them. Just curious if anyone's got some good brands or sites or something such as that to recommend!
  2. I go to the beauty supply store and get mine. I get the kind that has the invisiband. You can go to Sally Beauty Supply and they have a great selection there. It does take some practice at first. But they are lots of fun!
  3. try Ardell?
  4. mac also has some natural lookining ones. :smile: $11 each.
  5. I agree about MAC. If you go there, they have tons of different styles, so just tell them you want something natural. I know they suggested to me that you can also cut the lashes into pieces and apply them that way in certain areas to get a more natural look. Unfortunately, I've never tried cutting them, so definitely ask one of the makeup artists there- I'm sure they'll be able to find you something.
  6. hmmm I think MAC sounds good-- I honestly didn't even consider seeing if they had any! Do you know if you can still wear mascara while wearing them? Or would they clash?

    I'll definitely be going there today! Thanks so much! I may try Sally's as well, maybe get some other styles! But Sallys, that is the beauty supply store that ANYONE can go into-- not just hairdressers, right?
  7. Have you tried applying individual flare lashes? I will sometimes apply a few for special occasions.
  8. I like the ones by shu uemura :smile: they have small ones that are 3 lashes each that go on really well !
  9. I haven't tried the individuals, but I did end up getting a pair from MAC. I believe they're #4. They look way too fake, but I don't know if it matters. I wanted them to look more real, just more full, maybe slightly longer too. I'm not sure yet how I feel about them.
  10. Shu Uemura is the ultimate
  11. those are nice! they aren't like super fake looking.


    and yes, you can put mascara on it.

    just if u plan on re-using them, when u are done with them, u can wash it gently with warm water and peel off all the glue and mascara. then place it back into its orignal tray.

  12. They look realistic in there, but while wearing them, they look fanned out wide and shiny, which I didn't expect. But they're okay maybe... I may still wear them, maybe I need to get used to them.
  13. Woooww.... I've very quickly fallen in love with these! I'm definitely getting more!!! I think it actually did take some getting used to, and I wasn't entirely sure if that was it at first, but I think it was. They look more natural to me now, and they look so much better than my own I think.
  14. Shu Uemura has great false lashes but alittle too pricey. i buy mine from Taiwan, cheap and looks quite real.