Really frustrated with ebay sellers!

  1. :cursing: Really really mad at sellers on ebay. I sell and I sell quite a bit. I have never renigged on any transaction. If I list an item it goes until the end. No quams.

    However~ recently I bought an LV epi toledo blue speedy, paid immediately. Seller refunded $ saying had to leave town and couldn't ship. That is Bull .....!

    I then watch a few items...only to have the sellers illegally cancel thier listing (which has bids) and state they made a mistake in the listing? Then put on their 1000.00 buy it now? What? They have probably sold it to someone who made an offer. See Below:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON Soufflot Lilac NO RESERVE (item 120040915725 end time Oct-16-06 22:11:08 PDT)

    I am really mad. Has this happened to others? How hard is it to follow protocol? What can we do as honest consumers. I am calling e-bay tonight to file a complaint for whatever good that will do. :cursing:
  2. It's terrible but I've seen it happen a lot. Maybe you should report it? One time I placed an bid and later that auction was canceled, sellers excuse was "I found a pin hole tear on the jeans." She sold that jeans on BIN next day. Of course no hole in the discription.

    This seller charges shipping way too much also.
  3. She has her phone number listed on the description :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  4. This happened to me in a lot of 3 Coach purses (keep in mind ALL 3 purses were quite used and NOT in new condition). I was bidding on the lot, it ended, I was out bid. No problem, I accepted that it went over my price range. Well about an hour later I got a second chance notice through ebay, where the seller put up a buy it now for $200. This was a great price, so I bought it right away.

    I paid for the lot and thought all was fine, then roughly another hour goes by and I get a notice that the seller had refunded my payment. I contacted her and it took me another hour to get out of her that she changed her mind, that she "couldn't let or sell the lot for that low of an amount". Total Bullsh*t!!!! She was upset that she didn't get as much money as she wanted for the auction and had seller's remorse.

    To make the matter worse, both ME and ANOTHER woman some how bought the lot with the second chance offer. I got my refund luckly.

    Then about 2 or 3 days later I saw she put the lot back up for a $300. BIN and it NEVER sold. (So between us, I laughed my ass off, she blew her chance at actually making some money by wanting to make up all most all of her money on the lot, guess she should think twice before she lists something on ebay again).

    I thought about making an issue of it and taking her to "ebay" court, but my fiance said it wouldn't be worth my time and effort.

  5. I e-mailed her asking what happened to the listing and I asked her how she could remove a listing when there were bids...I had to say something. Somebody has to. I cannot check e-bay at work for any messages (blocked) however I bet she doesn't respond~ I am still going to report her. :yes:

  6. WHAT the hell?!?!?:confused1:
  7. I think ebay is very difficult for both sellers and buyers,,, so many dishonest people out there, and people who are very scared... buyers are dishonest too, with asking for returns and then returning fake bags... Switch and Bait really scares me, but to buy a bag, then have that pulled on you, that really sucks... sorry ghost.
  8. That's BULL! I sold a bag recently that went for WAY less than I hoped it would - but too bad for me - I started it low - that's my problem - that's why Ebay is fun for buyers!

    I also hate RESERVE PRICES!! If you want to sell it for at least $100 - statr it for $100! I know why sellers do it - but it's ANNOYING!!
  9. Yeah I understand how much it can hurt to sell something for less than you hoped or less than what you paid for it.

    My issue with my experience was the woman didn't think things through, she didn't come to terms with the possibility that she might (and probably wasn't going to make back all the money she spent on the bags because they were all clearly in quite used condition). In her mind she knew that she spent X amount of dollars and she wanted to regain all the money she spent. But that's the deal with selling on ebay, you have to take a chance, unless you are selling something completely new, it's up to the buyer to determine what they are willing to pay.

    I've never sold anything personally, but my fiance has sold some collectable toys on ebay and he's taken a few hits and sold things for WAY less then they were worth, so I TOTALLY understand what you said Nyria about ebay being fun for buyers.