Really frustrated right now! part 2.....

  1. OK....this is a continuation of my earlier thread The buyer filed a dispute and escalated it to a complaint today. In the meanwhile, I have been contacting my PO, her PO, the Postal Inspector in NY (where she lives) & the Dept. of Consumer Affairs to find out if someone can help me find out where my bag went. On top of everything else, her mail carrier neglected to scan the insurance slip, which was attached on the box, so they can't tell me who signed for it. :cursing: I'm having a major migrane right now because even though I have done everything that I was supposed to , in the name of being a good seller, I'm afraid that Paypal will rule in her favor because I can't produce the name of the signer, which is no fault of mine. I think that she's scamming me because the mail carrier was adamant that he delivered it to her because he also picked up packages to be shipped, by her and they can't deliver it to anyone else but the recipient if it's insured. Also, her PO knows her and said she's sort of a trouble maker & she sits by the window and watches for the mail carrier, so she knows when to expect him. I called Paypal and told them the story and they just told me the standard reply, "put everything that you said to me in the reply & they will review it". :crybaby:I'm just so upset & frustrated and am losing my faith in USPS, eBay & Paypal right now.
  2. so sorry you are going through this! ((hugs))

    and yeah, it does sound like the buyer could be scamming you. I mean you have proof that it was recieved & delivered, how could Paypal not side with you?? And how could the mail carrier "forget" to scan in the insurance slip?? Either the mail carrier is corrupt or the buyer makes no sense....
  3. If the PO cannot provide the copy of signature of receiving, could you file a claim with the PO for lost of packages?
  4. This is would horrible to go through! As as eBay seller myself, I empathize with you...I hope it all works out for you!
  5. From my experience, as long as the item has been signed for (doesn't matter who signs) you will be protected. You will just need to go through this whole ordeal of correspondence with Paypal. I'm sorry this is truly a headache and stressful time for you. It took 6mths for Paypal to resolve my chargeback disputes, so it is frustrating.

    In my case, buyer didn't sign for item but had her friend's secretary sign for it. Although she was a confirmed Paypal member, she requested for the item to be sent to her lover's clinic and not her home address stated on Paypal. I still won and got my monies!
  6. I'll probably wind up doing just that if Paypal doesn't side with me. It just irks me to no end that it was obviously signed by someone and delivered because the PO won't deliver an insured package without a signature. It's just murphy's law that the moron postal carrier forgot to scan the insurance slip so I don't know who signed for it. UGH!:cursing:
  7. That's the problem though....I can't prove who signed for it because the postal carrier forgot to scan the insurance slip, so I don't know who signed for it, but someone did because an insured package can't be delivered without the recipient's or someone's signature.:sad:
  8. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I honestly cannot stand USPS...they are SO unreliable! Good luck, I really hope everything works out for you in the end.
  9. Can you put in an insurance claim? Irrespective of what the post office is telling you, if they can't provide you with the signature, then they don't have proof that the item was delivered. If they think the woman "is a trouble maker", then it's up to them to prove she has the package.

    You've paid them money for a service they haven't been able to provide. I'd put the insurance claim in asap, as with no delivery confirmation/sig, then I'm pretty sure you'll lose your Paypal dispute.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  10. ^Agree!
  11. I agree. It is the responsibility of the USPS to provide you with proof the package was delivered AND signed for. Based on what you are saying, the USPS is unable to provide you with proof. You might lose your paypal dispute as there is not proof of delivery via signature confirmation however, the USPS is responsible as you have purchased insurance.

    Good Luck.
  12. hmmm... I am going through the same thing, except I am the receiver... I NEVER got my item and the PO carrier was a susbtitute driver that day and he claims to have left the package at my door....but there is a signature- paypal favored against me....I asked everyone involved- if he left it at the door- WHOSE signature is it ? They refer me to non working number at the postal inspector... then consumer affairs- who in turn send me the SAME signature reciept...which is not mine-I am at work by 7:30am- no one was package magically disappeared.....I had to go through my cc company to help me....
    I only say this because, it has happened. Perhaps MAYBE the she did not get it and the postal guy is not telling the truth to protect his job. It sounds like- how do you NOT scan the insurance claim... HE messed up and hes trying to take the ball of error out of his court...USPS sucks..I hate the fact that this happened to you..
  13. I sent in my reply to Paypal so now it's just a matter of waiting to see what happens. First thing Monday morning, I'm running down to the PO to file an insurance claim and let them do the work for a change. I'm fed up, tired, and thoroughly disgusted with this whole thing and after this incident, will no longer use USPS. I've been thinking about not using them for a while now because of a potential for something like this to happen. With UPS, Fedex or DHL, there is just 1 scan bar for everything....postage, insurance, sig. conf., etc. whereas USPS has a thousand slips and there's a greater risk of having them "miss" a slip to scan. *BIG sigh* At this point, I just want my $$ back and this whole mess behind me and start anew.
  14. Yeah I hate USPS too, unfortunately UPS and Fedex don't usually successfully deliver to locations with a PO box numbers and will cost you more to ship to Hawaii, Alaska and APO addresses. Hang on, I don't think UPS ships to APO addresses I might be mistaken though.
  15. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I do hope you get it resolved quickly.

    BTW, the PO is open tomorrow (apparently they lost their extra day of vacation this year :rolleyes:), so if you can, go down there asap!