Really, Fruit Cake?

  1. Seriously, am I the only one who really likes fruit cake? I mean I really LIKE it, any kind, any brand. Do any of you like it,:yes: too?
  2. I do, too!

    I posted this in another thread:

    The fruitcake has this unfair reputation of being the 'stereotypically bad' present. I think people liken it to concrete because they're threatened that the cake is so heavy. It's heavy because of all the little nuts, fruits and orange rinds in there. It's delicous. It isn't a bad gift at all! It's actually a good gift! (Hostess gift, maybe, or something you'd give to a neighbor. My point is, it shouldn't be as dreaded as it is . . . . although the jokes made about it can be funny!)
  3. Around Christmas, my buildng's management has tied fruitcakes in decorative bags to people's doorknobs.

    The note always reads "Happy Holidays from _______ Management."

    When my dad opens it, I get to partake.
  4. I like fruit cake! Totally reminds me of the Holidays :smile:
  5. I love fruit cake! I'll eat the "good" kind or the prepackaged store-bought kind. I like it all!! :shame:
  6. My father in law loves them.
  7. My mom loves fruitcake.
  8. My dad loved fruitcake. Our Christmas Eve tradition was for him, several slices of the stuff, and for me summer sausage & cheese ball w/ crackers. I'd make us several white russians, and we'd sit there and watch "A Christmas Story" marathon. Then a few hours later, he'd wonder why his stomach hurt...could be the pound of fruitcake he'd consume~ LOL
    I don't care for the stuff myself, looks too plasticky to me. But I do know that the monks at Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, SC make the best.
  9. I love fruit cake. My favorite is from the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas. They make different flavors, the pineapple and apple cinnamon are awesome!
  10. i love it. Seriously it's cake with fruit in it. Why is that so disgusting?
  11. I guess the turn-off for me is seeing all that artificially colored, candied fruit in it, along with nuts. I've never cared for nuts in any kind of bread or cake. But I love boiled peanuts. Weird, I know.
  12. I grew up in Canada and fruitcakes is abundant around Christmas time, now that I live in CA I can't find them anywhere :sad:. Chirstmas is not the same to me without fruitcakes so my dad would send us some from Canada every December :p.
  13. The only people that I know that like it are all over the age of 50, i don't know if it has to do with a generational thing or the tongue getting older or what..........
  14. Same here, the colors and candied fruit turn me off, plus the nuts. I really hate any baked good w/ nuts in it, but I'll eat some nuts alone.
  15. I had it for the first time when I was a kid and I've liked it ever since :shrugs: