Really freaking out/scared right now...

  1. Okay, so I've had a lot of drama going on, both online, in my personal life (with my recently-became-ex-Fiancee, some of you have seen the threads) and with my job. My job is really stressful and I'm very unhappy where I am (I have been for some time, there are threads on this, too... wow, tpf is a lot cheaper than a shrink...) Anyway, last week my boss was gone and things went to hell in a handbasket here at work, and that, coupled with some serious online drama, accusations and such, coupled with the tension in my love life...

    Well, I don't know what caused it, but today something happened to me at work. I left my boss's office after being called in there yet again to be reminded of how incompetent I am, and I just freaked out. I went and sat down in the stairwell in tears and I think I had either a panic attack or a nervous breakdown. I couldn't breathe, I had tunnel vision, I was shaking, I couldn't think straight, I felt hysterical, like I was going crazy. I really freaked out.

    The problem is I'm still freaking out. After about 5-10 minutes I was able to pull myself together and go back into the office, but I'm still really skittery and on the verge of tears and just... freaking out.

    What's wrong with me? Is this a panic attack/nervous breakdown? How do I control/stop it?

    Thanks in advance ladies... I hope nobody laughs at me because of this... :flowers:
  2. RBB, it definitely sounds like a panic attack. I used to have to same problem myself, and stress like the type that you have been experiencing lately can be a trigger. Don't freak out, you are normal and even healthy people can have them sometimes.

    One thing that helps is to use calming breath exercises when you feel an attack coming on. Here's the one I use:

    1. Breathing through your abdomen, inhale through your nose slowly to a count of five (count slowly while you inhale)

    2. Pause and hold your breath to a count of five.

    3. Exhale slowly to a count of five.

    4. After you've exhaled completely, take 2 breaths in your normal rhythm.

    Repeat the exercise for at least 3 to 5 minutes. If you start to feel light-headed, stop for 30 seconds and start again. Each time you exhale, say to yourself, "relax", "calm" or "let go". This is helpful too.

    (The above exercise is from the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook)
  3. No one is going to laugh at you.

    I can't even imagine all of the stress you are ex-fiancee and a hectic job where you aren't appreciated...yikes!

    It is obvious that you don't like your job. Are you in a career field where you could easily find another one where they treat you well?
  4. Also, it's good to take it easier on yourself. Your boss doesn't sound very nice (is it Coach corp. that you are talking about), so it may be helpful to remember not to let his/her negative statements affect your self esteem, and do not engage in negative self talk about yourself because of it.

    You seem like an awesome girl, and I hope this advice is at all helpful to you sweetie! Hang in there! :yes:
  5. That's the problem, I have no way out. Jobs in Graphic Design are really limited here and don't pay well. I've been looking for months, and I have plenty of experience, but I've had no luck, and I can't start my own design firm because the market here is already saturated. :cry:

    Oh-- this isn't at Coach, Coach is something I only do on weekends :smile: This is my everyday job.
  6. RBB, I had one of these as well when I broke up with BF and lost my job within just a few weeks. I got pushed to the breaking point. It was the start of my healing hitting 'bottom' with broken self esteem and putting my life back together.

    You WILL get through this!! (((HUGS)))
  7. Awww...a big hug to you. No, you definately didn't have a nervous breakdown. I also think you had a panic attack. I hope things get better for you.
  8. Sorry to hear about your current situation. You probably did suffer from a mild panic attack which was brought on by something stressful (the talk with the boss). In combination with all the other stressors in your life, it's not surprising it happened to you. It only becomes a disorder when it happens every time you encounter a minor stressful event (for example, a clerk gives you the wrong change and you go ballistic). I think you need to remove yourself from the stressor whenever you feel these attacks coming on, or divert your attention to something else. Right now you have alot on your plate, so it's important to do things to lessen your, hydration, cut back on caffeine, alcohol. Eat right and multivitamins can't hurt. You will feel physically and emotionally better if you do things to calm yourself.....whether it's relaxing music, visiting a special place or just some extra sleep. Good luck, and sorry you are going thru all this!!!!!
  9. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you are going through all this. My mom had a few panic attacks rather months ago. I suggest you breath and try to calm yourself down. She would say to herself that everything was going to get better and thus calming herself somewhat. But try to relax a little. Take care.
  10. I'm at home now, I think I might try to take a hot bath. I'm still really skittish. Sorry about "skittery" is that even a word? :smile: Anyway... I'm just trying to chill. I'm sorry I slammed this on you guys. I think I may have had a panic attack once before, years ago, but it was nothing like this. I'm still really wigged out.... :hysteric:
  11. Yep. I agree w/ everyone above and when my dad became ill I had them too...believe me, it scared me to death b/c I didn't recognize it either an it happened to me while I was driving! I had to pull over for 20 minutes til it passed.

    Please take care of yourself.....big hug to you!!

  12. all my love to you...
  13. Okay, if anyone here leaves a nasty remark then they're going to get a very mean PM from me LOL!!

    I don't have any advice since I've never had anything similar happen to me but I just want you to know that I'm here for you!!!!! :flowers::love: We're ALL here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to PM me if you want to be showered with compliments and funny stories to make you feel better LOL!!!!!
  14. I'm still just an absolute wreck :cry: :crybaby: I can't slow down. my mom is trying to get me to take a xanax because she has anxiety and that's what they prescribe her, but i hate pills...
  15. ^^ RBB, try the hot bath, massage, go have (decaf?) coffee with a GF or just have a good cry all by yourself. IMO stay away from the meds unless you have your OWN prescription for them.