Really fantastic makeup and skincare line!

  1. Hi everybody,

    I do not sell or promote makeup, but I have been meaning to post about this skincare and makeup line for a long time, because I heard about it randomly on tv one day and tried it - and it's amazing.

    It's called Skinn by Demetri James. Here's the link!

    1. They have a great foundation that sets itself so you don't need to wear powder on top;

    2. Their 3 minute eye party eye firming mask will give you an amazing lift - and feel fabulous if you put it in the refrigerator before you apply it, too;

    3. My favorite product they make is called orchid gel. It says mattifying day treatment seal on the jar, but the inventor of it talks about how he worked on movie sets for ages and had people with bad skin who needed to look like they had ivory-english peaches and cream complexions or needed to decrease shine for movie shots. I always used to walk out of the house with a great makeup job done and then an hour or two later I'd be all shiny and it would look less than nice. Now, I use this and my makeup stays put and feels totally natural, much better! I am sold for life on it. It minimizes redness, too, without having to pile on tons of products!

    I wanted to share it with you all because I hope you try it. He has other stuff in his line but these are my favorites. I hope you love it as much as I do - they're great! I think they are naturally based and they use yams too, which are supposed to have super anti-aging properties. Best wishes!
  2. Interesting! Thanks for posting! Especially adding your favs! What is your skin type? I have oily/combination skin!
  3. Hi ML, I have combination skin too. Really dry cheeks and then I get T-zone oily areas. This Skinn line also makes a wrinkle reducer balm - I swear it totally works in about 5 seconds, you can literally see it happening - but it does have a camphor-like kind of smell. So I didn't list it but they also do a bunch of contouring-type makeup to help you naturally shade your face and/or conceal things you want to change. It's truly amazing.