Really fabulous cheatnut leather bag- need id

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  1. Does anyone have any idea what bag this is!?
  2. not sure of the name but I think its Gucci ??
  3. Where did you see it at? It's gorgeous in a funky sort of way. Love all the leather!
  4. It was on Pinterest with zero info or description and the link just went to a photo. : (. I'm gonna check Gucci. I so hope it's current. I need a tote more but I love the look of the leather too!
  5. Indiaink- I know you're a bv-ette, too. I wonder if that why I live it so. All the woven leather... : )
  6. I think neiman should be using the pin pic- it definitely showcases the bag better. I've already told my husband that I need another bag for Xmas because I already put last year under everyone's nose. : D. I think it hooks just be a tradition.
  7. I never forget a bag especially the expensive ones!
  8. Well aprilmay, of course, of course, of course- the anonymous bag I see on the entirety of Pinterest had to be expensive. Darnit!!! I guess I better go out in my neiman seasonal application so I can afford it. Haha
  9. Absolutely gorgeous!
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    FYI, the one in the catwalk is a Large and the one from NM is a Medium, this colour, a beige and the the black are still available as current (as in they never went on sale) there is also a natural python version. Some of the other colours are prob available at the official Gucci outlets if your lucky

    There are slightly less expensive versions including the black (because they don't have the hand-stained leather or the suede interiors). This colour is definitely the 'king' Handmade though :biggrin:
  11. :loveeyes: