Really expensive handbags just not for me?

  1. Do you ever feel like extremely expensive handbags just aren't "you?" Sometimes I feel like that... like I'm not comfortable carrying something so high in price- that it just doesn't fit me. I don't even feel good about spending that much, as much as I love bags. I don't know... it's hard to explain. What do you think?
  2. i think i kind of know how you feel. sometimes when i'm around older adults, i wonder if they look at me differently because i have such an expensive bag, but it doesn't really totally bother me. it's just a thought that comes to mind.

    but most of the time i dont' feel comfortable is when it's not in the right type of setting, like....if it's somewhere kind of messy and there's no "clean" place to put it down.
  3. It is easy to get carried away, especially on a forum like this, and feel like you should want more or you should want a higher-end bag than you would have otherwise. But everyone has their "thing". For most of the people here, obviously, it is handbags, but for others it might be cars or shoes or kitchen appliances or personal technology or collector's items or something else.

    Just because some brands are right for others, doesn't mean you have to want them, too! I enjoy looking at very expensive cars, for example, but I own midline vehicles and I am happy with that.

    Hopefully people here will rejoice with you over a new bag whether it is an Hermes or a Fossil bag!
  4. I think that's normal! There's a ton of things I wouldn't send a lot of money on, like shoes or costume jewelry, etc. . .
    it's fine that you lvoe handbags but they don't have to be pricey :biggrin:
  5. just noticed your signature. . . now I'm confused{?}
    Are thses not considered expensive bags?
    Or are you talking Hermes prices?
    I figured you meant more than $1k on a bag or something. . . .
  6. Certainly. They are not for me, nor would they be for me if I were as rich as Oprah.

    There are a long list of things I would purchase if I had hundreds or thousand dollar chunks of discretionary income, and while I might buy a few more inexpensive bags, expensive bags would not appear on that list!
  7. My answer your first question is: No

    I kind of understand what you're trying to say, but I guess the term "Really expensive" is relative. Also, I think being uncomfortable depends on whether the bag fits into my style or not..

    I consider an Hermes Kelly bag an expensive bag and I feel like it was meant to be mine!! But, I don't feel comfortable carrying a Bolide, which is similar in price, because when I look in the mirror, I don't feel comfortable, and it doesn't seem "me"

    However, the second part of your question I agree with... I wouldn't carry a Kelly bag to a job interview, or to meet my in-laws for the first time. Because people might get the wrong impression of you based on your handbag.
  8. Hee Hee I guess this is also what I was trying to explain..
  9. Actually, some of my favorite handbags to use in the warmer seasons are ones from Lands End that are nylon canvas in material with leather bottom and handles.
  10. It just depends on the bag. There are some designers I love and it's worth a splurge to have a bag (or a few!) of that designer. There are other designers far more expensive than the ones I tend to prefer whose styles I don't care for.

    I'm the kind of girl who won't think twice about dropping a few grand a few times a year on bags and other wardrobe items (and home decor!) but hates shelling out $3-4 for a greeting card. I know, sounds lame. I'd rather get some nice stationery and handwrite a personal birthday or thank you greeting to someone.
  11. The expensive word is all relative.

    for me upto $1,500.oo for a bag is not expensive. More than $2,000.00 is way above my budget.
  12. I've tried some of the 'IT' bags on in store and while I could afford them, I've felt like a prat. They're just not me. I'm not in a position to buy anything at the mo because I've gone back to Uni, and sometimes when I use my high end bags it feels like it's not me anymore. I've actually sold a few of them because of this.
  13. yess, and not even extremely exspensive. I am scared to use my monogram louis vuitton bags because the leather is so fragile and i don't want to waste something that wasn't cheap
  14. I understand what you mean about people, perhaps in a different generation or different profession, judging you by your bag.

    I am trying to buy only bags & shoes that I love... but then one time while visiting my SIL - she commented that she had, "Never seen me wear the same shoes or bag twice..." I became a bit more self-conscious about it then. I didn't want to make them feel like I was trying to be a clothing snob, wearing different things there everytime was unintentional.

    So around my parents, my sister, my DH's family... I am trying to keep it as low key as possible. All for different reasons mind you - hopefully this is kind of what you mean...??

    Anyhow, I would be worred about wearing certain things on interviews as well, because I wouldn't want someone to judge me by what I was wearing. I still feel sometimes I get passed over for positions, because they are thinking "She doesn't need to work", I have this feeling like they keep looking me up and down, and stare at my ring. Which that assumption isn't exactly true!!!!

    Just how I wouldn't want someone to judge against me if I WASN'T wearing a designer item - I don't think I should be judged against if I am!! :shrugs:
  15. Not me, I WISH I could just afford them all!