Really Embarrassing!!!

  1. Ok, so I was at the NC state fair this weekend. While I was there I walked through one of the tents that were sat up. While walking through the tent I tripped over a little pole that was stuck in the ground, and kicked a lady's white mc speedy right out of her hand, sending it flying across to the other side of the tent before skidding to a stop! She looked at me with the meanest look I have ever seen in my life and then picked it up (I would have picked it up for her, but was afraid that she would think I was trying to steal it). After apologizing about 10 times, she finally said it was ok, even though I knew she wanted to kill me. Needless to say, that was the most embarassed I have ever been in my life!
    Anyone else have anything like this ever happen to them? lol
  2. OMG!! I am sorry for you that that happened!! That sure does s*ck!!!

    I'm sure everyone has an embarrasing moment though, so don't sweat it to much!!
  3. Yikes that sounds like something that would happen to me lol! Sorry
  4. Ouch...I feel sorry for the bag and you of's sucky!
    Haven't happened to me but I am sure I am not immune from embarassing moment because I am always in my own little world.. lol
  5. hahahaha this is funny!!! but yeah i would wish to stick my head in the sand if i were you. i wonder if that white MC speedy lady is on this forum too. wouldn't that be funny?
  6. Awww I am so sorry that happened to you! Don't feel bad--mistakes happen:smile:
    sorry, I can't help but laugh.
    I just get this image in my head of someone like.. drop kicking a mc speedy across the way. HAHA
    Hope that you are ok!
  8. LMAO! Was it a REAL White MC Speedy? :graucho:
  9. It's so nice that you have a conscious sbum.... so many people don't these days... be happy, you're a good guy...
  10. We've all wanted to disappear through the floor at some time so don't feel too bad. Did you have an LV with you? Otherwise she might have thought you wouldn't understand how we feel about our LV's. You were nice enough to apologise for what was obviously an accident so you did all you could.
  11. Well, I've never personally kicked anyone's handbag (I realize it was an accident and how terrible you felt!) but I have had some very emabarassing
    moments which I won't go into!;) Try to shrug it off and forget about it! We all make mistakes!
  12. i wonder how i'd feel if someone kicked my bag? i think i will strangle them :lol:
  13. Awww...that sounds terrible! Poor bag...and poor you of course! One time, I walked into some girls black mc alma and knocked it to the ground...I didn't feel too bad, because it was fake.

  14. Yeah, it was. That was the worse part about it. If it were a big ole' fake I wouldn't have felt bad!
  15. Don't worry...if it were me I would have tripped on the pole and then fallen flat on my face! Even more embarrasing!!!