Really embarrassing question: do you ever feel bad when you see an H bag?

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  1. I am almost embarrassed to ask this, but would like the comfort of knowing I am not alone in this. Do you ever feel kind of demoralized when you see a stranger with an Hermes bag that is similar to one that you would like to have and have been waiting for for some time? (Sort of a pang of longing, like a kid before Xmas when Nintendo Wi was sold out??) A couple of months ago, I was in the shoe dept at Barneys (which can be a demoralizing experience in and of itself, as those of you in NYC can attest to!) and I saw a woman (young, blond, beautiful, looked very rich) with a black togo retourne kelly in the 32 cm size with palladium hardware. I felt like I had been stabbed! Especially because, I have passed up not one but two of these in the past five years, only recently to realize that I would, in fact, very much like to have one.
    She was trying on Manolo Blahnik sandals...the same ones I had just tried on and passed on because...I couldnt walk in them without tripping (even my saleslady had to laugh at me!) Only the kelly lady did not trip. (Query: when my kelly arrives, will my balance in high heels improve?) Dont get me wrong: I dont begrudge this lady her great bag, and am happy for her that she has it but ... I would really like one too - and hopefully soon.
    And dont even get me started on the 35 cm birkin of same specs....seeing one of these practically makes me hyperventilate!
  2. Jedi, you are not alone! I think anyone would feel a tinge of longing seeing the exact thing their heart desires on the arms of another. :shame: It happens to me every time I see a Bolide or a gold Birkin. :drool:
  3. oh yes, i know the feeling..........
  4. Yes ... I know that feeling. It would set me off in emailing all my H friends around the world and ask them to keep a lookout for me, in hope that a serene-wait-turned-desperate-attempt would help me bring the baby home ASAP. Then the wait become even more anxious with nail-biting moments included :lol: :lol:
  5. hmmmm....i feel that way everytime i get on PF and see all u chic ladies with ur beautiful H bags........:love: :girlsigh:
  6. when I was in Vegas, at Bellagio, saw several H bags that I don't have.. all I could think of was "someday, a bag like that will be mine.. lol lol"
  7. don't feel bad, feel glad - that she has style and class to carry her bag and so do you :smile:

    Just the otherday I saw a 35cm black croc Brikin, w/a diamond lock, on the most chich young lady - I almost ran into a pole looking at her, in awwww:roflmfao:
  8. i'm usually too busy being happy checking one out irl actually, to focus on anything else. i don't have the bag i would like right now by choice, no one is forcing me to be responsible ;) so no, no pangs, or bad feelings, just happy dreams. but take comfort, sounds like many posters can relate. you're not alone for sure.
  9. Forget about the bag, I feel that way when I see young, blond, beautiful and very rich:p
  10. DC Cutie - that is hilarious! ...And exactly what I would do too!

    Actually, the one nice thing (maybe) about living in the middle of a state that is hundreds of miles from anything approaching an Hermes boutique or a Barneys or a Neiman's... (so sad) is that nobody around here has anything close to an Hermes bag for me to drool about. Which is why I come here everyday!
  11. I agree with you Ms.Twilly...although I do have a Kelly:love: that I one around me has ever asked about it which is ok with me too..

  12. Ditto!!!:crybaby:
  13. Ditto!!!
  14. Apart from the blonde part, ditto :biggrin:

    I feel like that every time I look at 24FBG's collection (and that slutty red Birk :love:). I think it's the stabbing by the green-eyed monster :p
  15. perja, you crack me up! whenever i spot an H bag, i usually just check out the overall attire of the owner. i don't feel bad at all...