Really, eBay?! What the heck?!

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  1. Sort of a long story, I'll try to condense it.

    My boyfriend uses my ebay account to sell lots of stuff. Its fine with me, because I never use it. He ran up $301.54 worth of fees a few months ago, and was a little slow paying it. Soon after getting billed from ebay, I started getting calls from a collections agency, called IC Systems. They told me it was for the ebay account and gave me a case number, so I paid it, and then BF paid me back right away. I didn't hear from them again, so I thought everything was fine.

    Fast forward to 12/19. Ebay takes $301.54 out of my bank account, overdrafting it. Its the same amount as the bill I paid a couple months ago to the collections company - thats weird! So I called the company and said "what the heck?!" and they're like "we can see this was paid, but at that point we transfer all info back to ebay, so I have zero information for you."

    So, I tried to log into my ebay, and it just keeps telling me "you have not yet confirmed your registration." Well, I've been a member since 2002, so obviously I have. If they wanted me to re-register, wouldn't they send me an email or something? I have no emails from them.

    And, here's the best part: you can't do Live Help, or see any phone numbers to call, unless you're logged in, which I can't do.

    So what do I do now?! At this point SOMETHING is up, whether it was a mistake that led to me being charged twice, or the IC Systems company was a scam, I have no idea. And I have no way to get in touch with ebay.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Open a new account so that you can contact them through that account and explain what's going on with your original account.
  3. Hm, I didnt know I could just arbitrarily open a new account? I will do that right now.

    PS - Karmen, I've been meaning to ask you - are you a belly dancer? You always have the most beautiful avatars, and you look sort of like Rachel Brice, the tribal dancer....
  4. Here is a # that I got from my account details page: 800-701-EBAY

    You know that # says you will need a telephone pin # - kinda BS if you ask me - Have you thought of asking for them to reset your password? Maybe you can't get into your ebay acct because you are entering an old password?
  5. Many people have more than one account for different purposes.

    You're right, that's Rachel in my Avatar.;)
  6. ohhhhhhh haha I can't believe I didnt recognize her! (I mean, I did, but I thought it was you!) So are you a dancer? I've been bellydancing for about 8 years now, but cabaret, not tribal. I'd love to have another enthusiast to talk about things with!

    So, an update: I did create another name and did a Live Chat. After talking for like half an hour, his suggestions are to email Trust & Safety (to get my account reinstated) and email Resolve to get the double-charge taken care of. Gee, thanks, so helpful.

    So I emailed those two places with a record of the chat, so hopefully they'll get going on this. I'm sure it will take 6 months to get my money back, but whatever.

    Oh, and just for fun I googled IC Systems - surprise! THere are a TON of complaints against this company for unfair collection practices, etc - and a few similar to what I'm experiencing too. Yay.
  7. Well that is another good reason never to pay a so-called "collection agency" when you owe money; it's always best to pay directly to the company you owe. Of course most people find this out the hardest possible way. Good luck with this one and do keep us posted.
  8. I know, I had no idea! :crybaby: I'm so good about my bills, but DBF is not necessarily as good as I am.

    Since it was a few months ago my memory is foggy, but I feel like I tried to pay eBay directly after IC contacted me, and they referred me to IC Systems, saying that the debt had already been turned over. I could be completely imagining things though!

    I will definitely keep you updated on this frustrating saga :cursing:
  9. Why not just have your boyfriend pay both bills and stop aggrivating yourself? I would let him deal with it, since really its his fault. sorry!