really, ebay is THAT bad?

  1. I have never bought any LV bags off of ebay but I have looked at them. It seems to me that there are a few legitimate sellers? I'm curious....recently I did see 2 bags from 2 different "Power Sellers" with good feedback ratings that looked questionable to me because the monogram pattern on the "back side" of the bags was upside down. But I am new to LV--I only have 2 (eLuxury)--so I don't know if this is "normal" or not. Any tips/advice?
  2. Upside down LV's on a bag is not an indication of a fake. It just means that one continuous piece of fabric/canvas was used in making the bag (i.e. no seam at the bottom of the bag).

    Most monogram pieces will have the upside down LVs.
  3. eBay is a dangerous place to buy LV - the majority of listings any day are fake. A buyer needs to know exactly what to look for and ask about.
  4. If you were looking at a Speedy (and other bags that use ONE main piece of canvas such as the Sonatine and I believe the Mini Looping too but can't remember) then it is suppose to have the LVs upside down on one side.

    Most of new buyers tend to buy mostly from MPRS sellers on ebay as they should be selling authentic items. There are also quite a few reputable sellers on ebay which are known by many heres from previous transaction.

    You can always post bags you have authenticity questions in the "Athenticate this" thread.
    My suggestion to you is get as acquainted as possible in the different styles, the way the bag should look, and the distinctive elemets that tells whether a bag is fake or not.

    You're in the right place thus far...research research and then research some more.
  5. There's really only a handful that have the logo going upside down, I can think of the Speedy's and Papillons but I think there's only a couple more. Most do not I believe.
  6. Forget about sellers who brag about their "power" status; ask around TPF for reliable sellers and check out the MPRS sellers.
  7. Power seller really doesnt mean anything so it is important to know that Power seller does not equate to honest sellers of authentic items.
  8. Pot the URL of the auctions you're looking at in the "authenticate this" thread, and PF'ers will check out both the bag & seller for you!!!

    I've personally had some great experiences with ebay, you just have to know the bag you're after inside out.

    Good luck and happy hunting!!!
  9. 1. You can find a few good buys on Ebay. Just be careful. Make sure you have members of this forum advise you on any bags before you make a purchase. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
    2. Some mono patterns will be upside down depending on the bag.
  10. I second that...
  11. Thank you, ladies, I will be sure to seek your expert advice in the future if I decide to purchase a bag on ebay.