really dumb question

  1. Ok, I know this is gonna sound really dumb but I've have seen alot of you refer to your husbands as DH..(atleast that is what I think it is for!) can someone tell me what DH stands for?
  2. Dear Husband or I guess Dorky husband depending on the day lol
  3. Dear Hubby
    I think.
  4. if i had one, it'd be the Damn Husband:roflmfao:
  5. LOL Dear Hubby or Damn hubby.....PHH is purse hating hubby
  6. I always thought it was Darling Husband
  7. Yeah, I first thought it was "domestic husband," as in a stay-at-home hubby!!
  8. :lol: me too
  9. I always thought it was 'darling husband' too!
  10. I had always heard dear....but all the responses work at
  11. I've always heard it was dear husband.
  12. hahhaha....I thought it was DUMB HUBBY!
  13. this is soooo funny cause i was going to ask the same question...was always curious to find out what DH meant...glad you asked it!