Really disappointed

  1. I just recieved my LV order and love my new mono pouchette but am really disapointed with my new damier agenda. The rings are so tiny that its hardly big enough to fit my diary in, let alone my address book and note pages (these are the inserts that I currently have in my filofax.)

    Do u guys just use it as a diary rather than a full on organiser? I'm thinking I may send it back as its just so small :confused1:

    I really like the style and that it matches my bag but should I be practical? Please help!!
  2. Hi, First of all congrats on your pouchette, What about getting a bigger diary ??. I was looking at getting an LV diary and the regular ones will not fit my needs so I found that LV also do a Desk Agenda that will fit Larger pages in but cannot be bought from LV (I think) :smile:
  3. I have the pm size ring agenda in mono with a week per two pages in it now, which works fine. I have a daily to do list that I have separate on my desk. Last month I bought a refill but it turned out to be one day per page and now the whole year will not fit either. It does come with a monthy page but you have to write so tiny. So my suggestion to you look at the weekly one or just put three months at a time in it. If you buy the full compliment in the weekly it comes with an address book that slides in to that side pocket and works wonderfully.
  4. If I was you, since you are disappointed, I would return the agenda then save for a nice bag :smile:
  5. I have an MC agenda PM in my purse that I use to write little random things down in, but I also have a bigger agenda. If you don't love it, return it and save for something else!
  6. Yes, I'd just return it. Maybe get a cheap agenda and save that money for a bag!
  7. I just mine as an agenda, with one week per/2 pages, not a page a day.
  8. I know how you feel....I like the small agenda, but when I saw the LV refills I felt like I needed a microscope to read the fine

    I bought the small denim one, it does take the small size refills, but its a tad roomier too, believe it or not, I can fit my passport inside it with all the refills, so now I don't feel my purchase was a waste...
  9. i love hte small agenda. i pack it full and it is perfect.
  10. Congrats on the pochette! But i think you better change the diary.
  11. I would return it too! If you aren't happy, then don't keep it! That is a lot of money! Save it for something else, maybe a bag or a wallet!
  12. don't feel bad! I'm sure you can change that agenda for something you'd like better:smile:
  13. you can always exchange it