Really disappointed, this is NOT what I ordered!

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    It says nothing in the description about the colours being different than shown in the picture. I would have never ordered this if I knew I was going to get this boring wrap instead. :sad:

    Here is picture of what I ordered:


    Here is the picture of what I got:



    I wrote the seller a polite message telling her that the wrap I received is not the one I ordered and that I do not like these colours. I asked her to make it right by sending me the one with the red and to please get back to me asap.

    She also said it was new with tags, I don't really care about that but I found it weird.

    How do you think she should handle this?

    I do not want to give her a negative or get into a fight or file a complaint with her. So I hope she is eager to make things right.
  2. Is it possible the one you got isn't even authentic?
  3. Did you ask her if she shipped the wrong one?

  4. Oh oops I thought I included that.

    I have an authentic cashmere burberry scarf, this one ^^ is like wool it's itchy and thick/stiff. So I question it's authenticity for sure.

    I think I'm going to ask for a full refund, if she wants to exclude the shipping costs fine but I paid like 300 dollars Canadian for this piece of nasty and it reminds me of something an old man walking his dog would wear.
  5. Right before she shipped this one to me she wrote me and made sure I wanted the one in the picture and not the beige. So I didn't ask if she had made a mistake because she already wrote me literally the day she shipped it to make sure she was sending the right one :/
  6. If it's not what you ordered, then return it for a refund. If the seller refuses, SNAD it.
  7. It says she does not accept returns she also has this on her page:

    "All items will be documented and inspected prior shipping so if you are planning a scam, it won't work." which makes me feel like she won't be easy to deal with, I am jumping the gun in that assumption though.

    Sorry, what does SNAD mean?
  8. "significantly not as described"

    Call paypal...they'll help you out.
  9. Is it easier to contact Paypal than it is to contact Ebay?

    I've opened two cases on someone in the UK who I paid 100 dollars for an item that she never sent and has only responded once to. I'm having bad luck this week. I think I'm going to give up on Ebay and just try to figure things out with Paypal from here on out.
  10. Go through eBay.
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    I don't think you need to worry as the seller obviously sent you the wrong scarf. You ordered one with red stripes. Ask the seller to send you the correct one. Let the seller know that you just want the correct colour scarf.

    As for feedback, I would leave a favourable one IF the seller corrects her mistake promptly without further hassle. Mistakes do happen to even the best reputable sellers.

    I wouldn't mention anything about authenticity UNLESS you are 100% sure that the scarf you received is a fake.
  12. Yeah I asked her to send me the one with the red, but I don't think she has it. She has no items for sale. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned anything authenticity it makes things more complicated. Whatever the case I made sure I sounded as polite as possible. I don't want to screw anyone over I just want to get what I paid for
  13. **UPDATE

    God I am so relieved! She responded and was very friendly.

    Here's what she said:

    Hi there,
    I just received your massage and I'm just as upset with myself. I have started this graduate program and I'm just sufficating with everything I have going on. Not that any of it is your problem. I want to let you know that I will do everything in my power to fix this mess. First of all I sold you the wrong item. Actually the item is right, I just failed to change the picture in the listing. I do not have the style I listed. I only have a beige scarf just like the one you won. I'm so sorry, it is my 100% mistake. Please ship it back to me and I will refund you for both shippig costs and the actual scarf. If you have a different idea, please let me know. I firmly believe that shopping should be a pleasant and comforting experience and it in situation like this it is opposite. I do apologize once again. Thank you for your understanding and not filing a case against me since this is the only way for me pay for my books and other college expenses.
    I will wait for reply

    How does sending something back for a refund for, if I send it back to her and she pretends I never sent it back how does Ebay know I'm not lying? This forum has made me so paranoid, lol.

    I'm really sad that she doesn't have the one I ordered though- over the past two weeks I have really had my heart set on that wrap so if anyone knows where I can find it let me know please
  14. ^ regarding sending it back - make sure you ship it back w/ a trackable method (usps w/ tracking or fedex/ups) and purchase insurance. Ebay will ask for your tracking number (which is your proof of shipping it back) if anything happens. Good luck!
  15. Thanks Jen, I will definitely do that.
    PS I agree with your sig Life IS perfect!