Really Disappointed In My Adios Gioco From Azalea.. Pics + Corriere

  1. This is my third bag and I really REALLY wanted just a couple of complete characters on the bag. I emailed them my request and they said they dont even assist in print placement and its just the luck of the draw! Ive been looking at various other bags on eBay in the same style and print and saw how many complete prints THOSE Bags had. Even the Lesportsac site had at least 4.

    Ive got maybe 3 at the most complete prints on this HUGE bag. And 5 or 6 cut off prints. Its VERY plain and Its just OK..I will keep it but am not really happy :sad: It cant be that hard to help with print placement...? And we know other places can do it!




    However My Inferno Corriere more than makes up for it :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. sorry to hear that youre disappointed with your adios star..maybe you could sell it and get a better one? i love your inferno corriere, not that much members have that i believe?? :biggrin:
  3. The chili pepper onthe side is really cute. And the correire is gorgeous!!

    Yeah, that is what I worry about with Adios, the print placement is really important. I've passed up a few good prices on various Adios bags because the sellers would not even discuss print placement. Or the print placement was not good.

    Right now I'm looking at paying retail for an Adios bag that I could get at Pulse for 20% off... but the print placement is better.

    Meanwhile I LOVE my Adios Bambinone with Bastardino smack dab in the middle!!! And to think I totally did not like Adios when I first saw it......
  4. Yeah its not like I can just go to another store, I live in Australia in a resort 500km from the nearest shop and another 1500km to a Lesportsac Store in the city. Thats why I asked Jen from Azalea if she culd help me find a good print but she refused to help. I kow Pulse do it, it cant be that hard?? I think I'll keep it though. Ive got another 3 bags coming in Foresta and Citta Rosa from eBay so that should keep me happy!

    And yes I heard the Corriere is rare in Inferno, I got it for an amazing price on eBay (AU$100!)
  5. oooh what kind of foresta style are you getting??? :biggrin: im surprised Jen from Azalea didnt help..its not that hard lol.. yup Pulse does it..but i wonder if they ship to Australia?

    idk im not to fond of the adios too scared to get it dirty lol
  6. I'm getting a Denaro and a Ciao Ciao in Foresta and already won a Citta Rosa Portatelefono for me to put my DS in! That makes 6 LOL!

    I dont know if Pulse ship to Oz but I do have a US mailbox I can on-foward it with
  7. nice! foresta is my favorite print :biggrin: whats yours?
  8. I think its a toss up between Foresta and Inferno. I am getting thoughts about Paradiso as well! Although I do like Pirata its a little too much sometimes! Have to have one of each at least!
  9. yeah collect them all :graucho:
  10. Yeah that is the problem if you have to order adios print. That is what has kept me from getting it. I've looked on ebay. I saw one that had a few cute characters but I ended up passing on it. I'm not sure if I'm crazy enough about the print. I wish there was a store that carried them around here so I could hand pick it.
  11. Hahah thats the slogan for pokemon playing cards "gotta collect them all!" I think you adios star is beautiful, even without many complete character prints!
  12. The sales person at Azalea told me the bags come from a different location that's why they can't look at them first. LeSportsac direct has NO EXCUSE! They have to have them sent from the warehouse to their office to look them over, but she refused to pick through a few for me! It wasn't even for the hard to buy Adios print either!
  13.'s like they want your money, but don't give a flip if you are truly happy. They think since we're so obsessed with the bags we should just take what we can get :rant:

    At least your Inferno (my fave :heart: ) is bee-yoo-tiful!!
  14. I like the red chili pepper! that is one of my fav characters. I'm sorry azalea was mean about the print placement... but it's still a nice bag!!
  15. Aw, yeah...that's pretty much why I don't think any of us buy from Azalea any more. Jerks.

    Can you give us a picture of you wearing corriere? Pretty pretty pretty please!!!