Really cute wristlet(s)!!!

  1. Bueller?? Anyone???
  2. they sell this brand at my local Nordies.... they have these little cute clutches that i always want.
  3. I like them! I love the vintage style!
  4. I love the wristlets, how unique and stylish.
  5. Hi, just saw you are going to copenhagen - MY town :love:

    Let me know if you need any good shopping/dining/clubbing tips ;)
  6. Oh hey there!! Ga I love this forum. Everyone is so friendly!!

    Actually I went to Copenhagen right before Xmas.. it was AWESOME!!! Had a great time - did Tivoli and Stroget and Nyhavn.. and all that fun stuff.

    Took a day trip over to Malmo (also an adorable town) and saw the Turning Torso.

    Would love to go back when the weather is warmer - copenhagen is such a beautiful town. Lucky you to live there!!!
  7. Sounds like you had a great trip - I'm so glad to hear! :biggrin: If you plan a return someday, just pb me and I'll send you a list of the places to go and to see - and be seen ;)