really cute gucci bag... but where can i find it!?

  1. i really like this bag but i can't find it on or it won't be a while until i go to an actual store.

  2. You should check on or
  3. you won't find this bag new. It's from 2004 and really hard to find. Took me months til I found mine.
  4. I saw someone in a Macy's carrying this recently and loved it. I would love to find it somewhere too.
  5. what's the name of the bag?
  6. it's the Blondie from the tom ford collection. try eBay that's your best bet however, becareful of hella fakes!
  7. That bag makes me:drool: !!
  8. I think it's called the Britt tote in either medium or large
  9. actually it's the Blondie from 2004 the britt has a more round GG hardware. The one above is a flat GG hardware. However, they do look similar but are totally two different collections.