Really cute 'custom' purse charms...

  1. I bought the cutest custom purse charm from Mini Moon and wanted to share.

    I know many of you already know this source but may not know she can do themes specific to what you desire.

    I picked a general color scheme from her ready-made charms and told her to do a 'dog lover' design, to include a bone, a pawprint and a breed or two. It turned out as cute as can be and was only $8.99 plus shipping for a custom order.

    You can contact Christina at Mini Moon:

    Now show me some of your purse charms.
  2. What would you put on YOUR custom purse charm??
  3. that's really cute!
  4. Adorable... I think I might order one of those charms. I can't believe they're only $8.99.

    I've taken the charms off of my PF keychain, and usually double it with some beads that match the bag... Sorry I don't have a pic of the whole thing, but here it is.

    tPF Charm.jpg
  5. cute! i'm thinking about ordering their "navy crown" charm.
  6. Hi,

    You are welcome to request anything to put on the charms. Email me at

  7. This is really cute too! You did a nice job!

  8. these are adorable! gotta check out her site now :biggrin:
  9. Hi,

    You are welcome to request anything to put on the charms. Email me at

  10. Cute!
  11. Um...I thought people couldn't advertise their own wares here...
  12. I have a feeling she just didn't know that.

  13. hey steph i wanted to ask you how do you attach your TPF and bead charms to your bag :smile: thanks!
  14. ME TOO!!
  15. I've bought a couple of their charms, and I think they're very well done (and very well priced!). I've also started making my own. We have a local bead store with really nice beads. All you need is needle nosed pliers and a little creativity, and voila! My camera doesn't take good pix of little items, but I'll try and take a couple to show what you can do yourself.