Really beat up teal city but great price!

  1. Bit strange though, the white tag reads 2004, but teal is 2005, and the metal tag also indicates it's a 2005? Did she photograph the white tag of another bag, and if so, why? Very strange... otherwise, great price!
  2. I am wondering about the tag because it doesn't match the bag. I thought teal was from 05 ?!

    our replys crossed...
  3. Maybe she has more than one and she got the tags mixed up. When I bought a bag from Personalshoppers I got 2 of the larger tags by accident (one for my bag and one for a SS 05 bag).
  4. really beat up and faded!!
  5. The poor thing!
  6. YIKES!:nuts:

    I say put it out of its misery and give it a proper burial.

    that things been used to death!

  7. i can't believe the color could fade like that!!!
  8. Could be a cheap "bleu glacier" :p !

    No seriously might be a good start for a young girl...
  9. oh dear that poor bag... I'm not sure I'd be willing to even invest that much on a bag that's SO used.

    Thanks for posting all the same! I agree it could be a good starter for a younger girl because she can't ruin it any further :lol:
  10. The poor thing :crybaby:Do you guys think it's restorable? It's the only b bag I can afford (maybe! hah) for a VERY long while and I've been after one for so long.... Gee, I wonder.... :s Haha and it ends on my birthday!! :smile:
  11. it's still a pretty leather though :p
    but i won't pay more than 500 for that bag!