Really agonizing whether to get '09 red jumbo or '10!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    Hello ladies! I've read many many threads and looked at many many pictures, but due to the difference in lighting and people posing, I've found it very difficult to make up my mind!

    I'm looking for a nice pop of color, and also something that will hold more things than my e/w and small flap. (Ie my sunglass case would be oh so nice). I've wrestled my mind around to the size and think the jumbo will be okay, but that's as far as my decision's gone!

    I'm worried that the '09 red will be too brown red, but also that the '10 will be too garishly red. I'm Asian, and am afraid the reds might clash with my skin tone! :P The '09 has a longer chain length right? At 14 inches I'm afraid I'll have to do some mad shortening chain magic to get it to look right on my 5'4 frame. I read a thread that suggested the '10 was lighter, but I don't think I saw compete confirmation? Not killing my shoulders would be lovely too. :biggrin:

    Is boxy, hard caviar preferable on a jumbo? My small flap is very boxy, and my e/w only slightly so because of the lack of of the inner flap. I don't mind either. I would love any and all opinions! Thank you so much for putting up with me. :smile:
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    Here are a couple of photos of the Fall 09 vs the Cruise 10 red.
    Both are beautiful!
    The Fall is a more Blue/Red, no brown in it. It is a deep cardinal red. It is nothing like Bordeaux, for example.
    And my SA described the Cruise 10 Red as "the perfect shade of Red lipstick".... no orange, just a true, bright red.
    It is so hard to know which color is right, unless you see them in person.....I ended up keeping the Fall 09 because I just love Blue/Red, and thought that shade would be better with my wardrobe. But it was a hard choice!
    Fall 09 on left, Cruise 10 on right :
    ( I think the Cruise 10 looks more orange here than it is IRL )



    I prefer the rigid, boxy Caviar if I can find it. I have 4 kids, so I need a bag that will withstand some wear, and I find the rigid Caviar is so durable!
  3. If u do see any 10' C red around, keep us updated!!

    its OOS worldwide
  4. I really like the 10c Red and have it in the Maxi w/sh! I don't find that it is too red or garish at all (and I was very worried about that too as my closet is full of black, grey and white). I actually find that the 10c red is just the right shade of red for me and my style - classic and not too in your face.

    Note that I also like the '09 red but have another red Chanel flap that was too similar in color to justify getting that one. Both are beautiful reds though.

    Good Luck deciding!
  5. I have the 09 cruise red jumbo and i LOVE it..its the perfect shade for me
  6. I have the '09 as well and like it better than the brighter (to me) '10...I don't care for the Flap that comes farther down the bag. Although, I have been known to change my mind on occasion.:smash:
  7. 10C! I like how bright it is!
  8. Thank you for your responses! Does anyone know if the chain lengths are the same? At the moment I'm starting to lean towards the 10c because I feel that red really should be a pop of color. I already have the darker colored black flap and 06 purple flap, so time for something bright? Plus I also want a navy jumbo, so that will be another dark colored flap..
  9. looks no big different
  10. I prefer 10C
  11. I say the 10C red. They are stunning. I regret not getting the 10C Jumbo.
  12. have & prefer 10C red myself...may have been tempted by 09 if i could find one w gold hw...10C is just a "happy" color & lives up to all the hype!
  13. I prefer the 09 red but they're both fantastic! Good luck in your hunt.
  14. I have 09 red and I absolutely adore it.. :smile::smile:
  15. I like the darker red, whichever it is.