realized hermes is not unattainable....

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  1. hi! i always thought that hermes was a little unattainable- but now i realize , its not. its just my choice. i really like louis vuitton and i like the styles and variety they have every season. (albeit- not every season, --- mr jacobs was a little off the mark for me last year.... imo)

    just wanted to share this thought with y all and wondering what u all think....

    add up ur purchases over a year (for examale) and u might see what i mean....

    any one else ever think of this before--

  2. I think this a lot. . . I buy Chanel almost exclusively, w/ my collection of Chanel, LV and couple of others, I could easily have a couple of Hermes.
    Don't love them though, I have no reason to patronize H.
  3. I have and I agree, it's a choice. Hermes has great bags, but I don't love them so it's LV right now.
  4. I feel the same way. Luckily for me, Hermes bags don't do a thing for me, whereas LV makes me giddy. I'm happier when I carry my LV bags.
  5. That's exactly how I feel. I'm so happy with my LV's. I haven't seen a Hermes bag that moves me the way my LV's (and some of my Chanel's) do.
  6. I know what you mean but I prefer to have LVs for now.
  7. I know exactly what you mean Suzie! But I think about this in terms of LV bags LOLOL....every time I buy these little 1K ones here and there....I could have an Oskar LOL
  8. I agree. Hermes is not unattainable, and in fact, it's easily attainable. I'm not crazy about Hermes either, but I do think that every woman interested in fashion should own a birkin and kelly.
  9. My DH is thrilled that I am not into Hermes... yet! :nuts:

    This is him, sweating it out >>>> :sweatdrop: :lol:
  10. I totally agree- I like Hermes a lot but I know that for the forseeable future there's no way I'll be able to amass a large Hermes collection like some of the ladies on the Hermes board. One thing I don't like about Hermes though is how so many of their customers seem to have such utter disdain and disrespect for other brands- sure LV is more common but it's surely not low-quality.
  11. i think everything is attainable as long as the girl puts her mind to it. I can easily attain other brands like Chanel (which is pretty high up there IMO), H, Bbag, Gucci etc. but each has their own style and what they prefer. For me at the moment, I am loving LV. I find their styles just differ from each line and can be used for different things/ occasions that's why i'm a fan!
  12. amen!
  13. I don't like Hermes bags. Which is good for my savings account. They are just not my taste at all -- I think they just look like boxy briefcases. Plus they are heavy. I can't imagine myself ever carrying one.
  14. I think Hermes is okay but it doesn't really do much for me. To me it's not worth the money. Also, it's bad enough thinking about someone stealing a $2000 bag, but one that costs over twice that much, yeah, that's scary! And it could happen.
  15. I could swing Hermes too....but shoot...I like variety in my collection...and with Hermes...that's like 8-10 nice LVs or 4-5 limited ones! LOL
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