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  1. I think it's funny the little dramas we go through here.
    I honestly think someone could do a mini reality TV series about us.

    Story lines would include:
    Delusional Roo who thinks her wallet is bottomless (I guess that could be most of us).
    The tears and agony of the latest striping bag seeker.;)
    The turmoil of dealing with the eBay buyer who decided not to pay.
    The extreme agony and rage of getting the so-called "gently used" HG from eBay.
    The whirlwind of sale season.

    What other story lines could we do?
    Anyone in the TV business here? Ginger, want to draft a contract for us?

  2. :tup: that is ALL of us!
  3. Ah, and so are The Bags of Our Lives... *cue cheesy intro music*
    We could definitely do a segment with outtakes of me saying, "I think it's a keeper!" followed days later by the very same bag being put on the chopping block to fund the next "keeper." Flash to a very annoyed audience. (Please don't vote me off the island, girls - I'd wind up in a rowboat talking to my bags...) :p
  4. ^^ lol
  5. ooohhh, what about me? i could be the neurotic long-winded talker. the one that overanalyzes all things mj accessories related way too much? :yes:
  6. Maybe we could write in that you actually had a blow to the head recently (don't you live in tornado country?) and suffer short-term amnesia, so you don't actually *remember* buying all those bags.
  7. OMG, Roo! That is perfect!! :roflmfao:
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    Yes. I would also peg you as the chic girl who has it all together, with one of the more enviable collections on the surface, but secretly dealing with major, life-disrupting OCD concerning all things MJ.

    Oh wait, that OCD could describe all of us too.
  9. i'd have a lot of mascara running down my face in my episodes...and organ music...
  10. omfg. like blair waldorf from gossip girl?! everyone thinks she's got it together, but she's in turmoil on the inside. roo, i love you. that's such a great characterization. i can totally go with that motivation. okay, just tell me where to stand. however, i'm just letting you know that i can only shoot from the right side. it's my best angle. :p also, i know it's a little premature for demands, but will there be a craft table? i get lightheaded without snacks.

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Tad, I love you:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Heehee--I had just edited my post to read "the chic girl who has it all together", then I saw your reply. So I cast you correctly? Unfortunately I haven't watched Gossip Girl either, although from all the references to it from the forum, I'm thinking about buying the DVD set.

    I always travel with snacks. Is there a character on GG like that?
  13. my story line would include the pining over a cecilia...dropping hints...waiting for the special day to come along and NOTHING!! and all of the drama that follows trying to find the size/color i want.....
  14. You know what's funny about that amnesia storyline, Roo? Just now I got a package from Amazon and I'm all confused, "What the heck did I order?" Well, apparently I ordered a new hardcover book awhile back and it just now got here - too bad considering I bought the exact same book at Borders last week:push: That pretty much sums me up.
  15. ^:roflmfao: awh, poor PM! well, borders has a return policy right?
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