Reality check needed:is BJ too wacky a color for a kelly?

  1. I dont have a kelly yet, but am hopeful of acquiring one in the next few months. I have been of the mind set that kellys should be in traditional colors but - just saw a blue jean swift kelly that was very compelling. Opinions and advice please - should I hold out for a traditional color or is Blue jean in a kelly an affirmatively good choice in your view?
  2. I think Blue Jean in Swift is VERY pretty.....does it suit the rest of your wardrobe? (not that it has to, but it might hellp with the decision!).......

    in Swift i think it's slightly "paler"....I love it.
  3. I almost bought a bj Kelly in togo. It was TDF.... but then I got presented with a black Kelly and had to decide between the two. It was very hard but I got the black as it will go with most of my clothes. I still would like a blue jean bag some day, maybe a Birkin.
  4. I'm a bit biased because I don't like blue jean generally... so I'd say no. It really depends on your wardrobe/coloring... I think a supple BJ Kelly would give a nice dressy-casual look. I'm not sure I see BJ working that well in rigid, but again, I'm a bit biased.
  5. fesdu has a sensational BJ souple Kelly.......there should be a pic in the members thread if you're interested, Steph....
  6. and peanutbabycakes, too. I like it!
  7. LOVE that pick of Fesdu and her BJ Kelly! It just suits her to a tee!!! Do take a look's lovely!
  8. I Was Just Thinking Of Fedsu ~ When I Saw This Thread!!! :smile: I Think A BJ Kelly Is So Pretty!
  9. stephanie1, BJ color is perfect in a kelly. I've a BJ birkin and one thing I love it about BJ is that it matches with almost all my outfits. The color makes me feel young too.
  10. BJ Birkin/Kelly is absolutely gorgeous :heart: if I look at the bag by itself. But I have a difficulty to match up with BJ color with red dress would look funny for my taste, beige with BJ doesn't look right to me, black with BJ might be okay, but BJ bag with jeans and T shirt would look GREAT!!! But I don't wear jeans...:sad: almost never...

    Most of time, I wear girly dress (semi-dressed up):girlsigh: :tender: ...So, I personally like red, pink, orange, beige...etc... something like happy (;) )colors.

    But if you wear casual clothings (or jeans) alot, then BJ Kelly would look fabulous on you!!!:wlae:

    (ps. But I will never say 'NO' to BJ Birkin if I find one:graucho: :roflmfao:)
  11. aspen, have you tried a head-to-toe white outfit? Compliment it with a BJ kelly/birkin, you'll look stunning.
  12. dior - you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where you been hidin' girl?????????
  13. Yes. I have a several white dresses. I wear red bag with white dress. I am sure Bj with white would look good, too! Thanks for your advice, dior24:flowers: !
  14. I have seen and held a blue jean kelly 28 cm in togo with white stitching... it is stunning. It's the sort of bag that you want it to stand out (as in people will notice and make favourable comments) and not be "matchy matchy" or blend in with your entire wardrobe... that would be a Black box kelly.... but the BJ kelly is fab...
  15. This is helpful - I was thinking of blue jean as a summer accessory - I do have a white linen sundress that would go with the blue jean, as well as tan and khaki summer clothes, but most of my fall/winter wardrobe is dark grey or black. Not sure about it with the grey - its a maybe I suppose but a black or even ibizi gold kelly would be safer on that side of the equation. I have the funds allocated for two, I would do this, except for the one kelly a year rule - I would feel bad if a black one turned up before year end and I was precluded because i had gotten this one. But we are close the end of the year after all. I had thought I would wait for a blue jean bolide - that was the bag I visualized for myself in this color - but this particular kelly is really compelling. Maybe I will go look at it again today