Realistic price to ask for almost new multicolore keepall in white?

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  1. Hi there, I have a, used less than 10 times, multicolore white keepall 45, I am thinking of selling it, to support my habit of wanted new LV's, does anyone have an opinion what a fair price would be?
  2. What price did you buy it for?
  3. I paid $1600.00 almost two years ago, I know they are not being made any longer, I am just wondering if it is still a sought after LV? I always check online auctions, and rarely see them come up. Thinking of putting on consignment in Seattle, but the fees are quite steep, 40%!
  4. Well, mabey $2300.00 to $2400.00.
  5. Thoes are the prices after the price increase. So its not that "unrealistic".
  6. 5 dollars. I'll buy it LOL! 1600$ sounds good. Check to see what they are selling for on Fleabay