realease dates in LeSportsac retail stores?

  1. I'll be in Vegas at the end of August and am hoping to make a purchase or two at the LeSportsac store. Are the retail store release dates the same as or similar to Pulse's dates? If so, I'll be in Vegas in time for Transporto!!!:yahoo:

    oops release (spelling!!)
  2. I'd say it's probably around the same time...but not sure.
  3. I emailed them and they will no longer be carrying Tokidoki after Spiaggia.:sad:
  4. oh really now? thats odd...our lesportsac is and i know that because they had the swatches for the rest of the line...didnt they, hawaii peoples? lol...i know i saw the famiglia swatch there....
  5. Ya they told me that since the collection will end this year that their store will not carry those prints, but that I can purchase online. I emailed lesportsac's customer service to see if there was a way to preorder from the web.
  6. That's odd..oh well it doesn't matter to me since I buy from Pulse anyway.
  7. Ya Casey said they won't get the Caramella in Transporto. That's why I started looking elsewhere. Haven't heard back from customer service yet.