Real Vs. Fake???

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  1. still confused how fakes directly link to terrorism funding... but ye? MR. FBI SAID SO??
    the video shows this...
  2. mmm...i don't understand when people say...

    "if you buy a fake you support terrorism..."

    if i think terrorism i think of...september 11...and War...bombs...etc...

    can somebody help me lol

    if somebody buys counterfeit is it helping terrorism?

    i thought...if you buy counterfeit're supporting the non luxury counterfeit market...that's

  3. I think it is because counterfeiting is illegal, and those who make counterfeits are criminals, so by buying counterfeits you are supporting people who are not only making counterfeit bags but also dealing drugs and are involved in human trafficking. And obviously terrorists get money from illegal activities so by buying counterfeits you are supporting criminals and criminals are funding terrorism. If that makes sense :biggrin: I think that's the link.
  4. I don't know if there are any proven links between counterfeit bags and terrorism, but there are lots and lots of proven links between counterfeit DVDs, shirts, cigarettes, etc., etc., etc. and terrorism. So it's not a stretch to think there might be a nexus with bags as well. But bags generally come from organized crime groups.

    With respect to people buying fakes, I often hear things like, "I don't care if I'm hurting a big company like LVMH." The bigger problem IMO is that people don't think about who they are HELPING.

    For a million reasons, I would never buy a fake and this is one of them.
  5. i agree with Tefhel, its not directly giving money to people to blow things up its just the association with illegal practice.
  6. Supporting the counterfeit market is actually helping terrorism because the people who are in charge of the counterfeit businesses and factories are using that to fund their living and terrorism. Alot of other counterfeiting businesses are controlled by large gangs and mafia who exploit child labor. So if you buy a fake, it was most likely sewed together by a 4 year old who is being forced to work 20 hours a day. It sounds horrible and impossible but its true...
  7. Just tried to watch .. and it say's it's not available anymore.
  8. Yes, this is it.
    "Terrorism" doesn't only apply to middle eastern issues, it's any illegal activity. My Poupette had a lot of good links on her site at one time, they may still be there.
  9. It's definitely true that not all terrorists are Middle Eastern (IRA, ETA, etc.), but not all illegal activity is terrorism. Not even close.
  10. fakes and terrorism is like 2 different thing. no link man.
  11. I suggest you visit and download their "Facts on Fakes" PDF file. It has several documented cases of terrorist or those with terrorist ties involved in the counterfeit business. For example, the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 was partially funded by the sale of fake designer clothing. Criminals with ties to Al Quaeda were arrested for smuggling counterfeit perfumes. Al Quaeda training manuals seized by the authorities listed counterfeiting as a low risk way to fund activities. There are also several examples of fakes being used in connection with drug and human smuggling operations perpetuated by organized crime syndicates.
  12. I would suggest that you spend some time here: Lots of good info. (It makes better sense for you to do the reading and research instead of me cutting and pasting it all for you.)
  13. i think how a fake bag funds terrorism is that the illegal factories that make the bags the profits go towards the terrorist group well thats what i always thought lol!
  14. i dont agree, terrisom and the fake industry are two seperate worlds, the US had trained and is still training other countries, as the war that is not needed still persues, as witl Bin Laden, who was trained by the CIA, and planned the attack of 9/11, where is the link of fake merchandise linked to that? im sure he wasnt wearing a fake vuitton wallet at the time
  15. I'm not in law enforcement or anything, but thought I'd pass this information along from a friend of mine who feels strongly about counterfeit and its link to terrorism:

    Personally, it took a lot of energy, reading and looking for resources to research the 2 topics so I gave up...although the information can be found. Thankfully, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had bought a fake, which is why I stopped researching and settled to finally get my first LV. Glad I did!